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Rahm won't give Durbin pledge on helping Alexi Giannoulias

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WASHINGTON--Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) who has been quarterbacking the Illinois Senate bid of Democratic nominee Alexi Giannoulias, asked White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for help and did not get any promise of assistance.

That's according to a Politico story by Glenn Thrush and Manu Raju. Excerpt:

"At the moment, the White House seems open to the idea of losing Obama's old seat rather than putting the president's prestige on the line for Giannoulias, the brash and boyish Illinois state treasurer -- and onetime Obama basketball buddy -- whose campaign has been rocked by the financial meltdown of his family's bank."

Read the rest here.

1 Comment

I am not a Rahm fan but have to agree with him on this one. Alexi is not a person the Whitehouse should be backing nor supporting and his persistence in remaining on the ballot will be devistating to the Democratic party in Illinois and will have a ripple effect elsewhere. Afterall sh_t rolls downhill.

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