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Rahm Emanuel for Chicago mayor? Bill Burton with White House react


WASHINGTON--White House Deputy spokesman Bill Burton, reacting to Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel saying that he wants to run for Chicago mayor when Mayor Daley quits during a gaggle on Air Force One:

Q What is your reaction to Rahm running for mayor?

MR. BURTON: Look, we all serve at the pleasure of the President, and Rahm very much enjoys the work that he does as Chief of Staff. He was talking about a scenario where if Mayor Daley doesn't run for reelection, but we all know that Mayor Daley is running for reelection. It's something that many kids in Chicago dream of growing up to be a mayor, so it's one of the great jobs in American politics. But it's just an ambition -- when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. Gibbs probably wants to ride in the Tour de France. That doesn't mean we're all leaving the White House to go and do --

Q Does the President think that Rahm Emanuel would be a good mayor of Chicago?

MR. BURTON: I think the President thinks that Rahm Emanuel is a great chief of staff and enjoys having him in that job right now. Maybe "enjoy" is the wrong word. (Laughter.)

Okay, thanks.


re "White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who said in an interview Monday that he wants to become Chicago mayor."

This premature campaign fits to the famous old sentence: If wishes were horses and beggars would ride.


Were Rahm Emanuel to run for Chicago mayor, that would be the greatest event in Illinois history, outside of having Adlai Stevenson's presence on the ballot.

My late husband James McCormick was a newspaperman for 35 years here, first with the Hearst paper the Chicago Herald American and then with the Chicago Tribune. He would have loved Emanuel.
When he was an editor in Germany from 1960 through 1961 with the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, he and the editorial staff sent a cable to Senator Fulbright in Congress to warn him that General Walker was ready to pull the lanyard at any moment, for even his bodyguards had lost sight of him. Walker at the time was head of the United States Armed Services in Europe.
I pray Rahm Emanuel does run for mayor when the time comes. He would serve us all with great honor and passion. He used to be our representative here in Chicago and most of us loved him, for he always invited comment and criticism.

My late husband, James McCormick, was a newspaperman with the Chicago Tribune for 30 years and the Chicago Herald American before that. He and I have always been very passionate about political issues. He was a bombardier during World War II and a Democrat who loved FDR.

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