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Obama raises $1 million at $30,400 per couple fund-raiser. Pool report


Thursday evening pool report by Paul West, Baltimore Sun....

At 7:25 p.m. the lower door of the South Portico opened and Malia Obama bounded out in sports attire, carrying a ball at best half the size of a soccer ball, and trailed by her mother with leashed dog in tow. They frolicked on the lawn for a minute or two, then sat on the side of a grassy knoll, waving, as the motorcade rolled past. Bo, sensing an opening, bolted for the moving limos. He obediently turned back almost immediately after being summoned by his young mistress, who ran the other way to the north side of the lawn, tossing her ball and rather quickly nabbing his leash.

That was the best of it for the pool, now holding just off Pennsylvania Ave. in West End outside the luxe Columbia Condominiums, the former Columbia Hospital for Women (2400 block of L St. NW). Obama entered unseen and press coverage of the million-dollar Democratic Party fundraiser was rendered opaque, on the grounds that he is not making "formal remarks."

A DNC official provided the following table scrap, via email:
The private dinner is at the home of Frank White, a local entrepreneur, early supporter of the President and a National Finance Committee member. The President will not be delivering remarks. Tickets for the dinner were a suggested donation of $30,400 per couple and the event is expected to raise a little over $1 million for the DNC.

Paul West
Baltimore Sun


How about spreading some of that wealth around. This socialist president will go down in history as the worst one our country ever had. He and his party is all hope and no change.... I just prat the USA does not change into what he is trying to change it into...

I would only spend $1 to see the President certainly not an obscene amount of money such as $30k.

Hope and change! Good one Gotti. Never heard it.

this idiot is a complete fraud. all you yuppie idiots who voted him in deserve just what you get

My grandfather would preach this quote to me all the time.
"You can please some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time. The best person to please is yourself."
It speaks for itself.

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