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Obama hitting Illinois next week


WASHINGTON--President Obama will return to Illinois for a brief visit next week, on an April 27-28 swing to include Missouri and Iowa. The Obama stop will be in a rural, not urban part of the state, perhaps the Quincy area.

Here's the White House guidance:

"During the visit, President Obama will meet with workers, farmers, small business owners, and local leaders to share ideas for continuing to grow the economy and to put Americans back to work. President Obama will spend time in these areas to hear about the challenges rural Americans face and to listen to their ideas for working together to turn the economy around."


Mr. President Obama, Sarah Palin will have been here by the time you arrive. I know your people realize her ploy but it will not work against you.

Have a nice visit and chat with my rural neighbors.

If Obama is smart he wont entangle himself with Giannoulias. Giannoulias is a downward spiral which Obama should stay way clear of and he should tell Durbin to do the same.

Mr.President, can you please take a swing past your hometown of Chicago and explain why so many of us are unemployed (and 99 weekers have been left without ANY money), while you don't want to address reality and are only seeing this fairytale-like recovery?

Funny how the rest of Chicago (and the rest of the country) sees it different than you. You might want to take off the cool shades and take a look at the people who are suffering while you're in denial.

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