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Michelle Obama, Margarita Zavala meet; discuss drug addiction treatment.

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Updated with statements from Los Pinos, the Mexican presidential residence....

MEXICO CITY--U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama met for about 45 minutes Wednesday morning with Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala to talk about drug treatment. This is a sensitive area, since the Mexican government blames the U.S. drug market--the customers--for fueling drug cartel wars in Mexico. The Obama administration will soon be releasing a new policy outlining specific proposals to reduce drug demand in the U.S.

East Wing statement: "The First Lady met with Mrs Margarita Zavala, First Lady of Mexico this morning at Los Pinos, the Mexican presidential residence and offices. The First Ladies discussed a series of issues of importance to young people in both the United States and Mexico, including drug addiction treatment and early prevention programs and the importance of the humane treatment of unaccompanied migrant children. Mrs Obama and Mrz Zavala underscored the importance of engaging families and communities in tackling the challenges facing young people in both countries as a key to helping build a better future for the United States and Mexico."

from Los Pinos, excerpt from statement, translated to English from the Spanish......

Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Zavala "reaffirmed their particular interest in bolstering projects related to the future of children and young people. They similarly agreed on the relevance for each country of taking the opportunity to bring attention to the challenges in public health related to obesity, diabetes and addictions, among others. This meeting reaffirmed the fruitful relationship that has developed between the two. In this meeting they were accompanied by the Ambassadors of Mexico in the United States, Arthur Sarukhán, and of the United States in Mexico, Carlos Pascual. "

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