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Michelle Obama hits Conde Nast Traveler cover



First Lady Michelle Obama hits the cover of Conde Nast's Traveler talking about living in Washington. Where are Mrs. Obama's favorite places? Click below.

Excerpt from Conde Nast Traveler story on Mrs. Obama's Washington...

Mrs. Obama shares a few of the First Family's favorite Washington spots:
· The Newseum, D.C.'s most interactive museum: "High recommendations (from the kids). They love the Newseum."

· Monticello: "It is just incredibly beautiful, and that beautiful garden that he planted that is three times the size of anything that you'd ever do. It brings it to life, not just for my kids but for me."

· Luray Caverns: "Yes! We saw the egg. Barack was very jealous -- he's a Tour Guy."

· Blue Duck Tavern: The Obama's celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary at chef Brian McBride's cozy West End restaurant.

· Restaurant Nora: President Obama surprised Michelle for her 46th birthday at this farm-to-table restaurant.

· Good Stuff Eatery: Mrs. Obama's old-favorite burger joint. They've named a burger the "Michelle Melt" for Mrs. Obama (it's free-range turkey and local organic veggies).

· Bureau of Engraving and Printing: "We did the Bureau of Engraving (and Printing tour)."

· Freshfarm Market: "In this society today, sometimes it's hard to make regular meals, healthy meals, a part of everyone's existence."

The May 2010 issue of Condé Nast Traveler will be on newsstands April 14.


Lemme guess...The Ben's Chili Bowl?

I'm sure that Ben makes some darn good chili, but taking the First Lady of another country there instead of hostessing a White House Luncheon inher honor (or at least havingn the chili DELIVERED) is somewhat "tacky"...and the I remember just who the "hostess" is -- and it all comes back to me; the obamas REFUSED to dine with the Sarkozys while visiting Paris, so maybe michele didn't feel that Mrs. Sarkozy would WANT to come to the White House!!

As my family slips slowly into poverty and our home into foreclosure,I'm glad to see the people responsibile are doing so well. You go girl!

The first lady has now appeared on the cover of three Conde Nast publications Vogue, New Yorker, and now Conde Nast Traveler.

what's with the pose???

does she have a cramp?

Oh please Chisco, "The First Lady is BEAUTIFUL!!!"

Go take up resident in Paris and player-hate from there. It might make a little sense!

You look good Ms. First Lady Michele Obama!! You Go Girl!!

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