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Michelle Obama at Los Pinos, meeting with Mexican First Lady Zavala

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Outside of Los Pinos (photo by Lynn Sweet)

MEXICO CITY--I'm in a van with other print reporters holding on a street outside of Los Pinos, the Mexican presidential residence. Our van is one of 11 vehicles on the brick road. We are on an edge of Chapultepec Park. It's a lovely day. The motorcade zipped from the hotel to Los Pinos ("The Pines") and what was kind of strange--there were almost no people on the street.

First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to be meeting with Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala right now but I'm not going to kid you---we don't know if Mrs. Obama is there.

Click below for a pool report from the Washington Post's Robin Givhan, who I am sitting next to in the van now.

Robin Givhan, Washington Post
Pool report mexico

The pool rolled out from the Hotel Sheraton Maria Isabel at 8:45am Mexico
time. Cool temps. Slightly overcast skies. Eerily empty streets.
The few folks along the way are curious but aren't cheering, waving or
protesting. Just standing quietly and watching.

Obama's first stop of the morning is at Los Pinos, (Spanish speakers on
board tell your pooler it means "the pines") the presidential compound,
where she's greeted by Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala. Your pooler
could not see the actual greeting, but there will be TV pool evidence of
the encounter, I am told.

Did your pooler actually SEE the palace? No. Saw some very lovely jacaranda
trees. Saw some joggers in the neighboring Chapultepec park. Breathed in
exhaust from the motorcade vans.

Am told that she was greeted near the Seal of Mexico, which depicts an
eagle atop a cactus eating a serpent. Meaning? According to the White
House, it's a reference to an Aztec legend: Seeing this vision would tell
them where to settle.

The only vision your pooler had was of fierce looking German shepherds
guarding the perimeter of Los Pinos.

After greeting, the two first ladies meet. Read-out to come.

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