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Mexico, Haiti trip defining Michelle Obama international image


MEXICO CITY--First Lady Michelle Obama may well fill in some blanks to her image on her solo diplomatic swing to Haiti and Mexico. Her agenda here is designed to avoid the controversial aspects of the U.S.-Mexico relationship. My report on how this trip will help define her international image--beyond someone who loves clothes--is here.


Every fashion plate I know questions who dresses Michelle Obama.

Michelle needs help dressing herself and her current wardrobe advisor should be fired! For example, when she arrive to Mexico, she wears a beautiful blue-white dress and she looks go down to the RED shoes! It is the color and the fashion disadvantage to the loud color is that it makes her large feet even larger! The shoes should have been a blue or even beige! She looks like she is standing in two red tugboats! But, thank God she is NOT wearing a cardigan, over which she wears a belly attention contrasting thick belt!!

Yes, I believe this trip will define what her major initiatives will be internationally and apparently the focus will be on youth. I remember when Mrs. Bush went to Liberia to the inauguration of President Sirleaf and that was making a statement also on behalf of her husband who took on initiatives in African Countries. Clearly, Mrs. Obama has a prepared agenda which will begin to unveil itself with the advent of this trip to Mexico. She is an excellent ambassador just like previous First ladies when they traveled solo internationally.

Could I please ask the purpose of her skipping down the steps while departing the plane. Nothing is done by chance.

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