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House declines cost of living raise--only 15--all Democrats--vote for boost


WASHINGTON--All Illinois House members--not being loony in an election year--did not support Congress getting a cost of living raise in fiscal year 2011 in a Tuesday vote. The pay raise measure failed on a 402-15 vote.

Click below for the names of the 15....

---- NAYS 15 ---

Edwards (MD)
Jackson Lee (TX)
Johnson, E. B.
Kilpatrick (MI)
Lee (CA)
Meeks (NY)
Moran (VA)
Thompson (MS)


It is sad that anyone voted to give themselves a raise with so many people suffering in a bad economy. If their pay was based on performance, most of them would owe the taxpayers money.

And 7 Republicans abstained from voting... don't forget them!

We voted a chuck of the losers that caused this recession in 2007 - now it's time to get rid of the rest of them.

why is it seniors are the ones to bear the burden when things get out of hand? look to other sources who are living high on the hog and fortunately will only realize how the other half lives, if the fates will allow!

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