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Gutierrez White House immigration protest; expects arrest


WASHINGTON -- In the wake of a new Arizona law aimed at illegal immigrants, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) on Saturday is going to join demonstrators at the White House who will likely be arrested for their protests.

He expects to be booked and released. Gutierrez will be a guest on "Face The Nation" on CBS this Sunday morning

Gutierrez -- arrested twice in 2001 protesting the Navy's use of the Puerton Rican island of Vieques for bombing practice -- will take part in civil disobedience "to keep the pressure up on President Obama and the leaders of the Democratic party," said Gutierrez spokesman Doug Rivlin.

Gutierrez has been outspoken in his criticism of the White House for not moving faster on a comprehensive immigration bill. "When you don't keep the pressure on and you sort of lose hope that we are going to have a bill this year, things like Arizona happen, and you are reminded why we need to keep moving forward," Rivlin said.

Last Sunday, Gutierrez was in Phoenix at a rally objecting to the new law that would allow police, in certain circumstances, to ask people for papers showing they are in the U.S. legally.


Are race riots necessary for Congress to enact immigration reform? After getting their vote, Obama turned his back on the Latinos. He promised immigration reform, but did not lift a finger to that end until the brave Luis Gutierrez wrote his blistering piece in the Huffington Post, informing the Dems that the Hispanics can choose to stay home in Nov and beyond, if Obama and the Dems continue to ignore the plight of the immigrants and do not act on immigration reform.
The Latinos feel that they must step up their game and the next step is civil disobedience. What if that does not work? In the wake of Obama's enforcement only policy and the recent events in Arizona, the desperation is palpable among the immigrants and who knows where that leads us.

Let's be clear that we are talking about ILLEGAL ALIENS not legal immigrants. We are talking about those who have entered the country, bypassing the legal immigration process. From that point, these ILLEGALS need to acquire fake documents from an ILLEGAL document mill in order to be hired. At this point a series of crimes has been committed.
Furthermore, we are identifying many of these ILLEGALS as simply wanting a job. This ignores the thousands of criminal ILLEGAL thugs who transport humans, extort money, transport drugs into our communities, forge documents, murder Americans, rape and hurt women, exact violence in the Hispanic communities, and arrive WITHOUT background or health checks.
American CITIZENS are outraged that lawbreakers can disrespect our boundaries and exact violence and mayhem in OUR home. We do NOT want a path to citizenship for criminals. NOT now, NOT in the future. However, we do want OUR border secured. Non negotiable. And, let me add, we do NOT OWE anyone citizenship. IT is NOT a God given right.

Shame on this congress man for not respecting the rule of law; he should be impeached. This has nothing to do with race, an illegal alien is an illegal alien. We need stricter laws and we need them enforced, why should Mexico and Latin American countries be exempt from our laws? Why should American citizens suffer at the hands of illegals. Coming into our country taking our jobs and using our public schools and other benefits is not a victimless crime. Probably 70 to 80% of Americans want them gone and want our laws strictly enforced. Why should foreigners and special interest groups be more important than US citizens? Obama is not the king, he had no right to promise something it should not be in his power to give. If these people are given amnesty against the wishes of the American people it should be a declaration of war.

Illegal aliens will find out real quick that they do not have civil rights and if they subject to deportation if civil unrest occur.
They are illegal and blacks were not when they protested.
Only thing they will get is a ticket home.

Disclaimer: I am an immigrant, a US citizen by naturalization.

To blame President Obama for the lack of Immigration Reform is simply ridiculous. The President is not yet halfway through his first term and has already implemented HCR, bailout to save the nation from a devastating depression, quietly started changing laws that discriminate against gays.. and that's just to name a few changes he's made. The president has not abandoned Immigration Reform. There is a time and a place for everything. I am willing to give him more time to implement the changes and promises he made during his campaign. So far, I have more faith in him that I did his predecessor.

God Bless President Obama!!

Considering what the country is going through economically and what the administration has done in response, i.e. bailouts, stimulus, and healthcare reform, etc, I think the latino population need to be considerate and pipe down. At least for now. I mean no disrespect but surely you don't expect the administration to go into November dealing with a contentious issue such as immigration after all the ugly bruising that happened during the bailout, stimulus, and healthcare reform debate (vitriol still on-going, mostly due to misinformation).
Now is the time to go and vote so you can elect people who can debate in good faith for a solution that is in America's best interest. Staying home will only empower the extreme from both sides and thus make a compromise solution not easily unattainable.

Why would anyone even consider negotiating with anyone that never gets around to keeping their word on any of the immigration laws of the past? What would be the point? This is like the people that got caught by their own rules while playing games as children. Every time they would get caught in one of their old rules they would start in on a big speech for a new rule. They never would pay up on being caught on the old rule. Just what are we still doing dealing with these liars?

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