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GOP in New Orleans features Palin, Steele, Liz Cheney, Gingrich, Breitbart, Pawlenty, Barbour

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Below, from C-SPAN....Sessions are in Chicago time


Southern Republican Leadership Conference

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Thurs, April 8 7:30 - 10pm ET

2010 Convention- Opening Session

Mary Matalin-Welcome/Intro 6:37
Liz Cheney 6:42
Newt Gingrich 7:00
Gingrich Q&A 7:45
JC Watts 8:03

Fri, April 9 1 - 4:30pm ET

2010 Convention- General Session

Tony Perkins 12:10
Sarah Palin 12:28
Chris Wilson 1:18
Gary Johnson 1:43
Bobby Jindal 1:53
Andrew Breitbart 2:33
Rick Perry 2:48

Sat, April 10 1-6pm ET

2010 Convention- General Session

Joseph Cao-Invocation/Welcome 12:01
David Vitter/intro 12:11
Rick Santorum 12:21
Steve Scalise/intro 12:46
Mike Pence 12:56
Rodney Alexander/Intro 1:21
Haley Barbour 1:26
Herman Cain 2:01
Bill Cassidy/Intro 2:21
Tim Pawlenty (video speech) 2:21
Ron Paul 2:29
John Fleming/Intro 3:09
Michael Williams 3:14
Thaddeus McCotter 3:24
Jan Larimer/intro 3:34
Michael Steele 3:39

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