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Giannoulias at City Club lunch


Democratic Illinois Senate hopeful Alexi Giannoulias is the keynoter at the City Club Monday lunch. From Giannoulias campaign: "Giannoulias will highlight the sharp contrast between himself and his opponent, Republican Congressman Mark Kirk, in an address to the City Club of Chicago at the group's Public Policy Luncheon."


Public Policy Luncheon........what experience does Alexi have regarding public policy. He's King Midas in reverse.....everything he touches turns to sh_t!

Hope they serve Maalox or Pepto Bismol.

How do you spell

LMAO. I think he is more knowledgeable about how to try not to be indicted than any other subject.

The only thing I want to hear out of Alexi's mouth is- "I am withdrawing from the race for the sake of the Democratic party and so that Illinois voters will have a choice in this election." As it currently stands Illinois voters have no choice, Kirk is the only viable option.

Even if lunch were free I wouldn't attend to listen to that crook.

Good for Alexi!

It is about time to hear loud and clear how Mark Kirk
will not discuss policy and for good reason.
He flip flops more than the Asian Carp in Lake Michigan.
He is the invisible Congressman from the 10th Ward.

He is, also, one of GW Bush's war authors and responsible for
selling to politicians and the American People, Bush's War of Choice in Iraq.

Kirk said he knew there were WMDs
Plenty of destruction and dead but NO WMDs.
So why were we there?
Does Kirk think the WMDs were moved out of Iraq before
Bush's invasion?

If so, why isn't Mark Kirk looking for them?

No thanks!
I've had enough of warmongers and Kirk is one.
I, also, want a Senator who will work with President
Obama and Senator Alexi will.

Kirk isn't a moderate. Never has been.
His voting record for this Congress is
almost 90% Republican. No Thanks!

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