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Democratic National Committee slams GOP for blocking Wall Street reforms

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WASHINGTON--Senate Democrats--for a second time--on Tuesday could not muster enough votes to debate their Wall Street reform measure--with every Republican voting no. Democrats are using the GOP no votes to rally their troops. A third vote is set for Wednesday and Senate Republicans are expected to again vote no.

No matter the GOP reasons for voting no--the White House and the Democrats are using the no votes to hit the GOP as being out of touch after the worst financial meltdown since the Depression.

The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America operation--(the DNC absorbed the Obama for President campaign, which is why OFA uses the Obama campaign logo)---- on Tuesday night started sending e-mails to the millions on its mailing list. "OFA is taking an aggressive stance -- calling out the opponents of Wall Street reform by name in each state -- and ramping up grassroots pressure nationally," I was told. Also: OFA is planning a Day of Action on financial reform next week.

And on Wednesday morning, the Democratic National Committee released a spot titled "Risky Business" slamming Republicans for "taking the side of big Wall Street banks over the Main Street families."

The ad runs in Washington and on national cable outlets.

This comes as President Obama on Wednesday delivers a speech on the need for Wall Street reform in Quincy, Ill., the last leg on a "Wall Street to Main Street" Midwest swing-- that took him to Iowa and Missouri.

The Tuesday 57-to-41 roll call was not enough to block a filibuster. Democrats needed 60 votes to start floor debate.

below, ad text...

VO: Wall Street's risky bets nearly sank our economy
CHYRON: Dow Jones Plummets in Early Trading [Washington Post, September 15, 2008]
CHYRON: WORST CRISIS SINCE '30S, WITH NO END IN SIGHT [The Wall Street Journal, September 28, 2008]
CHYRON: A Financial Drama With No Final Act In Sight [The New York Times, September 14, 2008]

VO: But when it came to Wall Street reform that would protect consumers and prevent future bailouts
CHYRON: But on Wall Street Reform to Protect Consumers and Prevent Bailouts

VO: Every Senate Republican voted no
CHYRON: Every Republican Senator Voted No

VO: Republicans voted to block reform after a fundraiser with Wall Street lobbyists
VIDEO: Bank Lobbyists Huddle For Another Secret Meeting With GOP Senators [Think Progress, 4/22/2010]

VO: Republicans stood by as Wall Street ran wild
CHYRON: Republicans Stood By As Wall Street Ran Wild

VO: Tell Republicans - if they side with Wall Street over Main Street, you won't be siding with them
CHYRON: TELL REPUBLICANS: If they side with Wall Street over Main Street, you won't be siding with them.


1 Comment

This is another dog and pony show for a foolish electorate. The timing and the choice of Goldman Sachs as the target of a government probe was done to give the Dems ammunition to slander the Reps and push through another poorly conceived bill. I wonder if the choice was made by an insider who is shorting Goldman Sachs and hoping to make a windfall profit?

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