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Democratic chief Kaine says "civil war" within GOP

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WASHINGTON--Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine said Wednesday there is a "civil war" within the GOP.

Kaine made his remarks at a lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, where he discussed the new DNC program to energize for the November mid-term elections some 15 million first time voters the Obama campaign recruited in 2008.

Republicans are wrestling with Tea Party activists, an "energy" Democrats take seriously, Kaine said. Unlike Republicans, Democrats, Kaine said are unified.

"We don't have a civil war going on within the Democratic Party. You know, we know who our leader is, it is the President. The other side has a civil war, that is 'who is our leader, which faction are we going to follow' and the other side tends to have a little more of a litmus test- 'if you are not with us, we are going to throw you out.'

"That's not who we are. Not that we agree on everything, but we are usually at least singing in harmony, if not the same note. But there is a real battle going on on the other side."

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