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Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg at the White House for "The Pacific" screening

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tom hanks spielberg.jpg (White House photo)
Obama at the White House theater with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg for screening of episode of their HBO miniseries "The Pacific." I think that's Obama pal Marty Nesbitt in the third row. Anyone have id's for the rest?

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---Yet another batch of seen-to-death, done-to-death, anachronsistic PC WWII retreads from a
Hollywood ---and for an America ---that, for decades now, have been quietly selling out, sucking up and generally enabling the most awesomely genocidal regime history has EVER seen
---in their 'fave' mass market ---ACROSS the
Pacific ---even on this, the 60th Anniversary of
the epic, STILL unfolding, and yet again 'overlooked' ---KOREAN WAR...

70 million exterminated in 'peacetime' you'll
never be hearing so much as a quality PEEP about
in ANY Hollywood film ------EVER.


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