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President Obama official schedule and guidance, March 25, 2010. To Iowa on health care

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Office of the Press Secretary



March 24, 2010



In the morning, the President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing and meet with senior advisors in the Oval Office. These meetings are closed press.

The President will then travel Iowa City, Iowa, where he will deliver remarks on how health insurance reform will lower costs for small businesses and American families and give them more control over their health care at the University of Iowa Field House. President Obama first announced his health care plan in Iowa City in May 2007, launching a grassroots campaign for reform that led directly to the legislation passed this week. This event is open press.

The President will return to Washington, DC in the evening. The departure from Eastern Iowa Airport and the arrival on the South Lawn are open press.

In-Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP

TV Corr & Crew: FOX

Print: Boston Globe

Radio: ABC

Out-of-Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP

TV Corr & Crew: FOX

Print: Politico

Radio: NPR/FOX


9:30AM In-Town Pool Call Time

9:30AM THE PRESIDENT receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

Oval Office

Closed Press

10:00AM THE PRESIDENT meets with senior advisors

Oval Office

Closed Press

10:40AM THE PRESIDENT departs The White House en route Andrews Air Force Base

South Lawn

Open Press (Pre-set 10:10AM - Final Gather 10:25AM - North Doors of the Palm Room)

10:55AM THE PRESIDENT departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Out-of-Town Travel Pool (Call Time 9:45AM - Virginia Gate, Andrews Air Force Base)


12:05PM THE PRESIDENT arrives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Eastern Iowa Airport

Open Press

1:00PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on health care reform

University of Iowa Field House, Iowa City

Open Press

2:35PM THE PRESIDENT departs Cedar Rapids, Iowa en route Andrews Air Force Base

Eastern Iowa Airport

Open Press


5:25PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Andrews Air Force Base

Out-of-Town Travel Pool Coverage

5:40PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at The White House

South Lawn

Open Press (Pre-set 5:10PM - Final Gather 5:25PM - North Doors of the Palm Room)

Briefing Schedule

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will gaggle aboard Air Force One


1 Comment

This is just another Obama "fragile ego" therapy trip. Adoring sheeple; rah-rah, yes-we-can; U-da-man, etc.

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