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Pelosi's guests for health care votes include Ezekiel Emanuel. Pelosi's list.

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WASHINGTON--House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited guests to her box in the House chamber for the historic health care vote Sunday night, including Chicagoan Ezekeiel Emanuel, a White House health policy specialist who is the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. The Emanuel brothers were profiled Sunday by Katie Couric on the CBS show "60 Minutes."

Pelosi's list:

Speaker's Gallery

1. Mr. Pelosi

2. Nancy Corinne Prowda (daughter)

3. Alexandra Pelosi (daughter)

4. Michiel Vos (son-in-law)

5. Gordon Witman, PICO

6. Richard Kirsch - Health Care for America Now (HCAN)

7. Robert Hall - American Academy of Pediatrics

8. Rich Trumpka - AFL-CIO

9. Dr. Willard Edwards - National Medical Association

10. Christina Romer - Council of Economic Advisors

11. Mark Duggan - Council of Economic Advisors

12. Zeke Emanuel - Senior Advisor for Health Policy, OMB

13. Jason Furman - National Economic Council Advisor

14. Nancy Ann DeParle - White House Office of Health Care Reform

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