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Pelosi memo to Republicans: Just what do you want to repeal?


Release from Speakers Pelosi office....

Republicans' Call for Repeal of Health Care Reform Would Lead to Middle Class, Seniors and Small Businesses Paying More

Today, President Obama signed historic health insurance reform legislation passed by the House on Sunday that ensures affordability for the middle class and seniors, accessibility for all Americans, and accountability for the insurance industry. The Senate is also expected to act on a package of improvements to this bill. Instead of supporting this critical legislation that will make it easier for Americans to obtain affordable, high quality health insurance - Congressional Republicans are calling for the repeal of the legislation and for a return to the status quo.

But which of these provisions - which will be available immediately - do they want to repeal?

· Will Republicans repeal the small business tax credits that will make employee coverage more affordable?

· Or the $250 rebate to America's seniors who have fallen into the Medicare Part D donut hole pay for prescription drug coverage?

· Will Republicans repeal the ban on insurance companies dropping people from coverage when they get sick?

· Or the prohibition on insurance companies denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions?

· Will Republicans repeal the ban on insurance companies placing lifetime caps on coverage or the ban on restrictive annual limits on coverage?

· Or the new, independent appeals process that ensures consumers have an avenue to appeal decisions by their health insurance plan?

· Will Republicans repeal the temporary high-risk pool that will provide immediate access to Americans who are uninsured because of a pre-existing condition?

Or will they repeal the requirement that health plans allow young people to remain on their parents' health insurance plan up to their 26th birthday?



Dear Speaker Pelosi:

Just to clarify: We want to repeal the whole damn bill - every one of its 3,000 pages filled with gimmicks, carve outs, payoffs, taxes, and bureaucracy. We want our country back, and we will TAKE back what is rightfully ours in November.

Pelosi is evil...

Let me get this right: The GOP may have to try and repeal the whole health care reform bill because the parts that go into effect now and shortly will be VERY popular. That is as certain as the sunrise!!

They have already lost the following sectors of American voters:
Most Latinos,
Most Educated White City/lots of Suburban dwellers,
Homosexuals, Trans gendered,
The North/East, the Midwest, The West and Mid Atlantic, .

They still got the South, at least a lot of it and for a few more weeks, before they get bored and discouraged, The Tea Partiers.

Talk about a bleak future.

Interesting you should cherry pick these few minor points out of a nearly 3,000 page boondoggle of a bill.

I think they would repeal the money for government sanctioned abortions.

I think they would repeal the part that allows members of congress to keep their existing "cadillac" plan rather than also be covered under this plan that THEY forced on the rest of us.

I think they would repeal the part about the massive kickbacks, paybacks and other scheming deals made to get this thing shoved through.

I think they would repeal the part that allows lawyers to continue feeding at the trough by way of massive - oft times unfounded tort cases.

I think they would repeal the part that limits what kind of preventive testing the government can mandate - like cancer screenings.

There's a LOT that can be repealed.

Yes, those sound all nice on paper. You've conveniently pulled all the window dressing out of the bill to make opposition to look like a bunch of meanies. If this bill were simply a bunch of new rules for the insurance companies or credits from the government to increase affordability, how do explain this massive expansion of government and the trillion dollar price tag? we don't oppose these good things. There are better ways to achieve improvements in health care (lower costs/higher quality care) than throwing a bunch of money at the problem.....both mine and your money.

How 'bout the entire bill - that the Democrats passed despite the fact that the American people didn't want it and they didn't even bother to read?! Social security and medicare are bankrupt and now these deceitful thieves have added a new unfunded mandate that we can't afford. The government NEVER does anything right. Never. And they think they can tell us we needed this piece of crap legislation? We're not that stupid and we won't forget this. We need to get rid of Pelosi, Obama, Reid, and all the other Democrats who lied and disrespected the American people and our way of life. The mainstream media has played its part in this as well - which is why newspapers around the country are failing and journalism is on its last march.

I will not be a slave to a corrupt federal government that acts as if my money is their own.

It's funny to see GOPers still wallowing in their talking points.

Please keep in mind that the talking point that the GOP/FOX spent the most time hammering into those thick skulls of yours, the whole "68% of Americans oppose this bill" wasn't the whole story.

Yes, 68% oppose the bill, but that includes a large number of people who think it's not liberal enough. So while you sat there thinking that 68% of the country agreed with you, it was actually only 40%.

40% is not a majority, silent or otherwise.

To Jennifer AM- Why would you say this bill sanctions abortions, when Obama clearly signed an executive order reinstating the Hyde amendment? which denies any federal funding to abortions. This bill actually gives more money and emphasis on prevention and education so we will see less abortion in our country.

Second, when it comes to preventative screenings, most insurance companies do not pay for these services. Yes only some are going to be paid for, but it's much better than paying a co pay, or paying for the entire service itself. You will still be able to receive those preventative tests that are not included, you'll just be paying what you were prior to the bill passing, or even less. under my insurance plan, a yearly mammogram is not covered, but under the bill it will be, and no, my colonoscopy will not be covered, but I can still receive one.

I wish any of those things that Jennifer AM mentions were actually in the bill. We could then agree to repeal all of those things. But not a single one of those things is in there. They are all things that she wishes WERE in the bill but aren't. She didn't cite a single real provision that she would repeal.

Meanwhile there are still 17,000,000 people unemployed in this country and not even a hint of effort to help them. Where are the jobs?

What happened with Tort Reform?

What happened to Insurance Companies being able to sell across state lines?

Why do you need to punish seniors with cuts in Medicare?

Why do you need to tax the so called rich owners of businesses when during the time of recession these are the ones that give people long term jobs not government stimulus jobs?

Why can you not understand that all entitlement programs worldwide are going broke? NOTE: Please look at presently what is going on in Greece and will also go on in the rest of Europe and eventually end up here. California and Detroit are good examples that entitlements tax the rich programs do not work.

HISTORICALLY - all of these entitlement idealistic socialistic transfer of wealth programs have been tried in the past, they do not work, check out your history - Russia, Germany, Italy if you are not convienced.

That is why we need OBAMACARE repelled. And not just repealed, we need to vote out of office the rest of these gang of thugs that voted for this bill.

Think of it this way the PROHIBITION bill was put into place by the Democrats and that was repealed - so we can unite and repeal this bill.

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