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Organizing for America on health care, by the numbers

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WASHINGTON--With the House passing health care on Sunday, Organizing for America, the Obama presidential campaign network folded into the Democratic National Committee, released some numbers on their grass-and-netroot efforts to help get the bill passed.

Below, from OFA....

Here are the basic numbers on OFA's efforts in health reform. Keep in mind what these metrics don't say is how strategic we were about our approach. We made a point of learning everything we could about each Representative and made a plan for supporting or influencing their vote (working very often with their office or with Leadership) before we ever made a push for calls or letters or held a single event. The numbers are great - we made nearly 500,000 calls in the last ten days as part of our Final March for Reform, calls we know turned Representatives like Baird around - but the other point is that OFA volunteers and staff really reached out personally to the Representatives' offices. We were there to counter the opposition and demonstrate support (even at a moment's notice), answer questions, build relationships.

Statistics from Final March to Reform:
· Made nearly 500,000 real-people calls to Congress.
· Sent 324,000 letters to Congress.
· Held nearly 1,200 health care-related events with more than 10,000 attendees.
· Sent nearly 1 million localized text messages.
· Called nearly 120,000 supporters using OFA's Neighbor-to-Neighbor tool online.
TOTAL ACTIONS IN PAST 10 DAYS = Nearly 1.2 million

Since the June 6 launch of the health care campaign, OFA has:
· Held more than 30,000 health care related events in every Congressional District, in all 50 states.
· Organized more than 65,000 congressional office visits for health insurance reform during one week.
· Generated more than 315,000 calls to Congress in support of reform in a single day and more than 1.5 million calls overall.
· 238,000 people have shared their personal health care stories.
· 2.7 million people have taken action with Organizing for America on the campaign to enact health insurance reform.
· 9.3 million volunteer hours have been pledged for legislators who fight for health reform.

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I don't think Organizing for America should take credit by any means. The Members of Congress who changed their votes did so because of back room deals and the holdouts wanted something in return and got it. Some of the supporters and volunteers who I met and I believe to have encountered online were inarticulate, rude, and outright hostile. I doubt that they change anyone's mind and in fact they make the Democratic look bad. The success of the health care law was definitely White House / House of Congress driven.

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