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Obama signs health care abortion ban executive order. Photo


WASHINGTON--President Obama signed an executive order on Wednesday to reaffirm that the new health law he signed Tuesday will not allow any federal funds for abortion. Although the event at the White House was closed to the press, the White House did release a photo of the invitees: the anti-abortion House Democrats who voted yes on the health bill after Obama pledged to sign the executive order. The group was led by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) fourth from left. That's Rep. Jerry Costello (D-Ill.), third from left.
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White House caption....
President Barack Obama signs an Executive Order that reaffirms the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's consistency with longstanding restrictions on the use of federal funds for abortion, in the Oval Office, March 24, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


No wonder there were no reporters allowed! The first question would be,
"How does this executive order trump federal law...the one just passed?" The answer would be, of course, it does not and cannot trump it. I am not sure for whose benefit this charade was carried out. Had this been a sincere move to ban abortions in the health bill, it would have been the subject of a "fix" on the Senate side after Sunday's vote in the House. I guess we just need to get used to having our intelligence insulted by this President.

Actually, the bill doesn't prohibit money given to clinics etc to use money given them from being used for equipment and salaries etc to perform abortions.

What you have to do is get your subsidy check, deposit it, then buy abortion coverage or pay for it from checking account.
Individuals given subsidies to buy insurance who deposit the subsidy money in their checking account, must write two separate checks from their checking account; one for regular insurance, the other for insurance coverage for abortions (assuming insurance companies write separate policies, I suspect it will just be a separate premium on the same policy's declaration page, and you write two checks, assuming anyone would ever enforce that.)

What new government agency would be formed to investigate an insurance company reporting to it that you wrote one check instead of two? (Will insurance companies report people who write one check, instead of two??)
Probably none, so the man pretending to be President signed an "empty-promise" executive order.

As signed into law, the health care bill says individuals who receive federal subsidies to purchase insurance may purchase abortion coverage...

As signed into law, the health care bill says individuals who receive federal subsidies to purchase insurance may purchase abortion coverage, but must do so by writing a separate check from personal funds.

This is wrong on so many levels. I'm working hard to retire Mr. Carney in the fall.

First off... The only "empty executive orders" ever written were those that do not apply to a specific law. The pres clearly issued this order which maintains the full force of the law.

2: the house bill ( interesting because it's supposedly overrun by anti life dems) had strict anti abortion language in it. If your republican representatives really had the best interest of pro lifers in mind, they wouldn't have unaminiously left you out in the cold. As it stands, repubs showed they are more interested in INS company $$ than their pro life position.

3: if it were in the fix bill, the whole thing would would have been stalled because the senate would gave had to re vote and there is no way 60 votes would have gottn issued without ant republican support.

Pro lifers need to wake up to republican propoganda

Even more proof of the futility of this executive lie is there is no where to be found outrage or criticism from the Democratic proaborts or choice voters about this useless order. Would you not be upset if your bribe money was wasted on this president that you helped elect?

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