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Obama-Sarkozy summit at the White House. Carla, Michelle meet again.


WASHINGTON-- President Obama and French President Sarkozy are meeting at the White House today and dine tonight at the White House with their spouses, First Lady Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni Sarkozy.

On Tuesday here, the Sarkozys visited Ben's Chili Bowl, a famous local diner.

The two couples have met several times in the past year, in Europe and in the U.S. And Sarkozy, when he was mulling a presidential run in 2006, called on a freshman up and coming Senator--Barack Obama of Illinois-- his Hart Senate Office Building. Obama was welcomed by Sarkozy at the French presidential palace during his campaign European swing in July, 2008 and Sarkozy gushed all over him. But since Obama has been president, the relationship has not always been that smooth. At a Tuesday afternoon pres conference at the White House, Sarkozy said there is a lot of "trust" between the two nations.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Carla Sarkozy at G20 summit in Pittsburgh in September here.

Obama, Sarkozy--is one of them checking out a girl last July? Click here.

The Obamas and Sarkozys in France last June here.

The Obamas and Sarkozys in Germany last April here.


I hope we have PALIN soon, i cant stand the American embarassment when Carla walks side to side with MObama....

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