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"John King, USA" CNN new political show debuts tonight


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John King interviews Vicki Kennedy on the set of his new CNN Show, "John King, USA."

below, from CNN....

Tonight, on the premiere of John King, USA, John will sit down for an exclusive interview with Vicki Kennedy. They will discuss her personal reflections on the health care reform vote, her late husband's impact on the bill, the election of Sen. Scott Brown and more. Tune in to America's new home for political news and conversation at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT/ 5pm MT / 4pm PT.


John's approach to politics is exactly what we need: reasoned discourse about the issues that affect all of us, not just the Washington, DC, pundits and pontificators. Without pomposity or insider jargon, in blue jeans with a rock 'n' roll soundtrack, John King will be to real news what Jon Stewart is to fake news!

Thanks for a news program that I WANT to watch, not the same old traditional newscast formula that was used in the pre-Internet era.

Watched John King on CNN tonight - could not believe the female (did not get her name) who said she doesn't think anyone "outside of the beltway" cares about whether or not Joe Sestak was offered a job to quit the Democratic primary race....YES WE DO CARE YOU ARROGANT TALKING HEAD ... someone must have given her a talking point ...she cannot possibly believe that. I, and I'm sure many others are insulted by her ignorance AND I'm disappointed that Mr. King did not refute her dumb assumption.
Thank you

John King's Show? CNN--it's about time. Reasoned, relaxed, fair, balanced, eminently likeable, his show reflects his personality and I am happy with the results.
John is CNN's most loyal on-air personality (along with Candy Crowley). Both stayed when things were bad.
May both of you reap the rewards now. I'm cheering for the both of you. Hard workers, interesting, committed to excellence.

CNN is respected for its professional, fair, and honest journalism. Your tabloid segment on 9/29/10--Beck-Hannity being constructive vs. Olbermann and Schultz being villains was so biased. Perhaps a refresher course on true CNN journalism is in order.

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