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House passes health care 219-212


WASHINGTON--The House Sunday night, on a 219-212 roll call, approved the Senate version of a health care bill, setting the stage for final passage of the historic measure with two more votes expected in the next hour. The legislation passed with three votes to spare.
Click here for the roll call.

All 219 votes were Democratic. There were 34 Democrats and 178 Republicans voting no.

All Illinois Republican House members voted no.
Illinois Democrat Dan Lipinski voted no.

All other Illinois Democrats voted yes.

The Obama presidential order negotiated with Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) on abortion delivered critical last minute votes. Patricia Murphy at Politics Daily has the details.


Ya know we have something like this in Mass. already and now perhaps we can all have something similar. I was for it before I was against it and now For it after Listening to CSPAN all day on SUnday. While we can be sure of one thing - Insurance Companies will continue to stick it to us there is hopefully "hope" for all of us on a number of points.

But for now, my 19 year old who dropped off my insurance and could not afford her own but was lucky enough to get a Mass. Policy can now Rejoin my plan. And that, my readers, "ain't so bad".

Mr. and Mrs. Conservative,

I'm so happy you're so upset. To see your angry distorted faces scowling, to see your hearts thumping so loudly and inefficiently, to see you protest tax hikes that don't exist, while you've totally accepted torture and domestic spying quietly in front of your huge suburban TVs, to listen to your illogic, your anti-history, your stunning ignorance of the constitution, the federalist papers, and the 'Founding Fathers' (what is this, North Korea?!), makes me so, so happy. May you all scream and shout in cowardice, paranoia and bigotry until your lungs come flying out of your face.


why would you care about the constitution? You just ignore it to continually increase government and march towards tyranny.

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