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Democrati Lipinski to vote no on health bill. Statement.


Below, release from Lipinski....

Congressman Lipinski Will Vote 'No' on Senate Health Care Bill

Today, Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) released the following statement regarding his decision to vote against the Senate health care bill:

"My decision to vote against the Senate health care bill is the result of months of studying our broken health care system, developing and analyzing various proposals for reform, studying legislation, and listening closely to my constituents. I want to thank each and every one of the thousands of Third District residents who contacted me by phone, fax, email, and in person to share their views for and against the bill.

"As I have said many times, I strongly believe reform is needed to lower soaring health care costs and make insurance coverage more affordable and accessible for individuals and working families. But reform must be done right. The Senate bill does make a number of improvements to our health care system, including expanding access and reforming health insurance by doing such things as immediately banning discrimination based on pre-existing conditions for children, prohibiting lifetime coverage limits, and banning rescissions. Unfortunately, the bill also contains a number of serious flaws, and many of the good aspects could have been done without passing this massive bill. The Senate bill does not do enough to lower the skyrocketing cost of health care, cuts more than $400 billion from Medicare, is not fiscally sustainable over the long term, and breaks with the status quo by providing federal funding for abortion and abortion coverage. This bill was also marred by backroom deals that benefit pharmaceutical companies and other special interests. In the final analysis, I cannot support such a deeply flawed bill.

"Last November, after successfully fighting to make numerous improvements to the initial House health care bill, I voted to move the measure forward. I did so because I did not want to give up on reform, and because I believed we might still be able to fix the flaws in the bill before a final vote. However, I made my position very clear at the time, stating: 'If this bill does not improve when it comes back from the Senate, I will vote against it.' Unfortunately, the final bill is in many ways worse, not better, than the House legislation.

"To deserve the name of reform, a bill of this magnitude ought to make major progress on reducing health care costs, which continue to increase at unsustainable rates. Since 1980, overall spending on health care has risen on average at almost twice the rate of inflation, and per capita health care spending is nearly double what it was 10 years ago. Unless we address these increases, health care will continue to gobble up more and more of people's income, and more and more of our tax dollars, until we reach a breaking point. Government subsidies alone cannot solve the problem of the increasing burden that skyrocketing health care costs impose on middle class Americans. We must change payment incentives for providers and this bill does not accomplish that.

"As the Congressional Budget Office has stated, the Senate health care bill would do little to affect the cost of premiums for those who currently get their health care through large employers. Since 70 percent of Americans who are not on Medicare are in this group, this bill fails to sufficiently reduce costs for the majority of working families in the Third District. The Senate bill also does not include several specific measures that were in the House bill that could increase competition. These include the elimination of the health insurance industry's anti-trust exemption and a provision to begin to require health care providers to disclose their prices.

"I am also concerned that the bill's more than $400 billion in Medicare cuts could have ramifications for seniors in my district. For instance, the Senate bill reduces Medicare reimbursements to providers - such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies - by over $200 billion. The Chief Actuary of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has stated that these cuts would likely result in roughly 20 percent of providers becoming unprofitable; this could lead to providers refusing to take care of seniors on Medicare. And if these cuts are going to be made to Medicare, the money should at least be put in the Medicare Trust Fund instead of being spent elsewhere as this bill does. In addition, unlike the House bill, the Senate bill does not allow the government to negotiate for lower drug prices, which I have long supported.

"I am also greatly concerned about the impact of this bill on our ballooning deficit. While the Congressional Budget Office has stated that the bill would officially reduce the deficit, close inspection of this analysis reveals serious problems. The CBO counts as deficit reduction over $70 billion in premiums that will be paid into the newly created CLASS Act. This well-intentioned program to provide long-term care for people with disabilities should be keeping this money in a trust fund to pay out future benefits instead of being spent elsewhere. And even if these premiums were kept in a trust fund, CBO states that the CLASS Act is fiscally unsustainable after two decades, when benefit payouts will significantly overwhelm the premiums coming in. Further, $29 billion in increased Social Security receipts are counted towards deficit reduction although they ought to remain in the Social Security Trust Fund.

"The bill also does not address this year's scheduled 21 percent cut in Medicare reimbursements to doctors; when Congress votes to do this, likely later this year, it will cost over $200 billion over the next 10 years. Also, the CBO score assumes that in later years, the growth in federal subsidies would suddenly be allowed to decline, and that the tax on middle-class insurance plans - which I and many others already oppose - would be expanded. If Congress will not do these things today, why would it do so tomorrow? Taken together, these elements more than wipe out the supposed savings.

"Finally, of great concern to me and to a significant majority of my constituents, this bill changes current federal policy and provides funding for abortion. This is not acceptable. It is in direct contradiction of the Hyde Amendment, which for more than three decades has prohibited federally funded abortion. First, the bill allows federal funds to subsidize health plans in the insurance exchanges that cover abortion. For any insurance plan that receives federal subsidies and provides abortion, all participants would be required to contribute at least $1 per month that would fund abortion services, regardless of whether they want abortion coverage or not. It also opens the door for Community Health Centers receiving federal funding under the bill to use that money to pay for abortion. I do not believe the last minute effort to address these concerns through an Executive Order is sufficient because there is every indication that federal courts would strike down this order, and the order could be repealed at any time in the future.

For all of these reasons, I cannot support the health care bill. I am deeply disappointed that Congress did not develop a better bill. But whatever this bill's fate, I will not stop fighting against special interests and for improvements to our health care system that will benefit all of the residents of the Third District. And in the days, weeks, and months ahead, I will continue working to create jobs and revive our economy."



And lets not forget the jail time and fines in this bill for those who either will not or cannot pay for this forced insurance. This is not the American way. They only do things like this in some Communist country. If this bill passes we are losing more of our Freedoms that America once was famous for.

He should have voted yes to health care reform.

Congressman Lipinski demonstrated a profile in courage that I wish more of his colleagues could have followed. He will have my vote and my support in November. I sincerely regret that the Healthy Americans Act (Weyden/Bennett); a bill which he cosponsored, never received more of a hearing.

Representative Lipinski once again has cast a disappointing vote in conflict of the interests of the constituents of the 3rd CD. Mr Lipinski has crassly ignored the needs of over 67,000 of his constituents who currently do not have health insurance.

The vote is even more egregious and disdainful given the arrogance Mr. Lipinski has shown towards his constituents through this process. He has ignored their pleas, refused to meet with them, and has been non-responsive to their inquiries, phone calls, letters and emails.

The residents of our district must weigh whether they believe he stands with them, and with the forces of change in Washington.

You did the right thing. Too bad there weren't more congressmen with convictions

Ahhh congressman. You just voted to lose your seat in the house. I will now vote against you and contribute funding to anyone running against you. You are a DINO (Democrat in Name Only).

Doing nothing by voting "No" is unacceptable. Too many Americans die each year because they do not have health care coverage, are dropped because they got sick, or because they have preexisting conditions. Again, this is unacceptable. Congressman Lipinsk, you have lost my vote. We need to have people in office who care about the welfare of the American people. Clearly you do not.

Yes, CLEARLY he does not care about the welfare of the American people because he wanted the right health reform bill, not just any one. Well, you got just any one. Yay!Yes you did!

Congressman Lipinski: Thank you for voting against a gravely flawed bill. It is a complete falsehood to say that those who voted and who are against this particular bill are against health care reform. As you said, reform must be done right. This bill that just passed was not done right because of its many serious flaws. Even though this bill has been passed, I wonder if it is still possible to revise its many serious flaws.

Those that are giving Lipinski a hard time, are basically people who just blindly want free health care and don't seem to care at all about the reprecutions that can be caused by it.

Wake up, and learn what his vote is worth. At least he is willing to look at all sides, and wants the right thing for everyone. He wants it to be right, that's great!

You are lucky to have him

congressman, I applaud your individuality in standing up for what is right. I am a healthcare worker and believe in healthcare coverage for everyone, but there are so many flaws already in the system. Why should my tax dollars go to pay for some young womens abortion, why not stipulate birth control mandates and health promotion instead of the opposite. Back when I was struggling in college and desperate for health coverage the only way I could get help was if I was pregnant. Some message to send huh. You will get my vote congressman as I feel you care about whats right not just jumping on the band wagon

Finally a Democrat with courage and intelligence enough to vote "NO" -- against a bill which enslaves American people against their will and sends them to prison for not buying a government product they don't want and won't use! WOW -- what have the rest of the Dems been sniffing; "legacy" -- or "infamy" hallucinogenics. The voting public will support Lipinsk who's integrity still seems to be uncorrupted by the disingenuous power plays of the Dems.

Why doesn't Congress strip the bill down to only contain changes everyone can agree on, like banning discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and incrementally pass from there? Why does it have to be all or nothing?

My employer doesn't provide health benefits so I purchased them on my own. Yes, I pay more than I did when I worked for a company who did provide health benefits but that's life.

People should stop whining and just do what needs to be done for themselves and stop waiting for the government to save the day.

Iif healthcare is a right and we are going to give it to everyone, then shelter should be a right, income should be a right, and food is a right. If this is the case then I want the government to give me a house and a job and an automobile and food. This country was founded on the principal of the right to persue. Now it is the right to be given to. It starts with healthcare, where does it stop? If you are socialist, that is okay, but remember this is not a socialist country. If you wish to live in a socialist counry you have the right to persue a plane ticket and a living visa in that country, and take yourself to that country.

Why do we keep voting him into office? He goes to Washington on our dollar, yet year after year, Mr. Lipinski continues to be of no benefit to the 3rd District. At least Mark Pera (the primary opponent from 2007) would have fought for our community. Dan Lipinski is happy doing nothing.

DAN LIPINSKI IS A HERO. He continued to stand up for his principles and for his constituents amid tremendous party pressure to do otherwise. His courage and conviction is a rarity in Washington and should be commended. We need more of him.

One of the few Democrats with courage and convictions. For those of you angry with the Congressman, here are a few facts. We have no money to pay for this. Nevermind that the vast majority of the country is happy with their personal health care and this changes everything. Costs will rise, then price caps will be put in place, and then care will be rationed. That is what happens any time government takes over an industry. Pretty soon all of the productive tax-paying citizens who are funding your vast welfare entitlement will "opt out" of your system and it will collapse. Oh, and by the way, this funds abortions. I'm sorry but abortion is not "health care". Mr. Lipinski and many others put forth reasonable reform that would have addressed many of your major concerns, but that wasn't good enough. Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the out-of-touch leftists in the government wanted a complete takeover. The Democratic Party has become the party of the far-left and nothing else. This will be a pyrrhic victory...November is coming.

Lipinski should learn how to be loyal to party's belief from republicans. How all of them stick together and voted no. What type of democrate is she? I hope people don't elect her again!

Yes and the unborn also and this bill doesn't do that. A vote for this bill is another vote for socialism or big gov. and we know Blobama is for that.

Courage? He buckled to the Tea Baggers. Yellow belly, watch him lose once people start using the good health plan they never had, no longer get ousted by their insurer when they really need it, etc.

Rep. Lipinski, shame on you for casting your vote with the party of NO! Your reasons for opposing the healthcare reform package are completely specious. You betrayed our President and your constituents and and showed poor judgment in this historical moment. The Catholic Health Association, AMA, AARP and leaders of 50,000 religious sisters all supported the reform! From a fellow Polish-American.

Congressman Lipinski, I have appreciated your behavior and I don't understand why a large part of American people ignore the reality of the European health systems (I live in Italy), largely inefficient and massively controlled by bureaucrats and politicians. I fear you are going toward our socialist model: in other terms, in the bad direction. But your decision was wise and I hope your electors will understand the true reasons of your vote.

I am not a constituent, but if you voted yes on the original House version, I would have no problem with your re-election: you just made the decision not to compromise while Kucinich did. I absolutely agree that it is probably better to leave reform undone than half-done, since the latter pretends something is being done whereas it could be exacerbating the condition. I am guessing you still found the "reconciliation" (fix-it) bill to be inadequate in bringing pulling the Senate version back to the original House version. As for pro-life Democrats: anything that goes beyond even what the Hyde amendment did amounts to deny a woman's right to choose. At any rate, if any of us belong to a health insurance plan (employer-provided, supplemental, private or otherwise) that provides abortion services, then we contribute to the "murder of babies" in effect anyway! So get real!

He didn't have the guts to stand up for what is right by the Americans living in this area. The man must go! When is his last day?

He didn't stand up for anything....he totally bowed out. When is his next election so I vote this pussy out?

If anything...this was a vote to get Insurance companies to have better business practices. They have been running the show for all this time and playing with good customners lives.

A vote of no on this issue was a vote to letting people die for no reason! This has absolutely NOTHING to do with abortions morons!

I suggest you read instead of being told what to think!

James, 50,000 religious sisters DID NOT support the bill. A small splinter group of "progressive" nuns claiming to be their voice did. They and the CHA are not the voice of the church or its members. Get your facts straight and stop spewing leftist lies. Here is the story.

To all that have brought up "those without healthcare" and "to fight for all those who are sick and with no money" I say first.... Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you have done for that ... oh ... let's say Veteran out on the street? or that woman who can't afford to feed her kids? Now... I am against this bill for several reasons but here is the biggest. IT DOESN'T OFFER ANY OF THAT!!! There is NO public option. You still have to pay for it. You You YOU!
The only thing that has changed is hmmmmm.... they now control it. We will still have the sick. We will just have to pay taxes on the sick now. :)YAY OBAMACARE! Morons!

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