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Brady officially Illinois GOP governor nominee; beat Dillard by a hair


Below, from Dillard...

Dillard Endorses Brady for Governor
Calls for Party to Unite Behind GOP Nominee

(Chicago) - State Senator Kirk Dillard today threw his support behind State Senator Bill Brady in the race for Governor, saying it was "close," but that Brady had won the Illinois Republican Primary. "I will help Senator Brady in any way I can to ensure the Republican Party wins back the Governor's office in November," Dillard said.

Dillard had waited until the Illinois State Board of Elections had reported the final totals in the February 2 Primary election had been counted before conceding because of the narrow margin of Brady's lead. "It was a hard-fought race, and it was close: less than .0002 of a percent," said Dillard. "But it is now clear to me that my friend and colleague Bill Brady has won the Illinois Republican Primary for Governor."

Dillard went on to stress why he will aggressively campaign on Brady's behalf. "As I've said countless times during the campaign, Illinois is a state in crisis. Pat Quinn cannot lead, and shows no urgency in putting people back to work."

The State Senator from Hinsdale also thanked former Governor Jim Edgar for his support and the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters who backed his campaign during these last seven months. "I call on my supporters and the supporters of the other Republican candidates to join me in supporting Senator Bill Brady," Dillard said.

Dillard also said he would continue to work hard as a state senator for the people of his district and all of Illinois. "I will continue to fight for the Republican principles of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. I will continue to fight for a balanced budget and new jobs. And I will continue to fight for a state government that works for the people, not the politicians."

Dillard announced his candidacy on July 7, 2009. He said he would make Illinois a "Destination Economy," by attracting new employers to create jobs. He outlined a "Best in Class" Education plan to train the workforce of tomorrow and vowed to lead by example when it comes to ending corruption by pledging to close his campaign account when sworn-in as Governor.

First elected to the Illinois Senate in 1994, Dillard and his wife Stephanie have two daughters, ages eight and six.



Bill Brady is a good and honorable man and it is clear that Senator Dillard is acting in the best interests of the citizens of Illinois by making this statement. The issues are complex and there will be no easy solutions, it is critical that both parties need to step away from the politics as usual mode and provide leadership and not gamesmanship. Our children and other vulnerable populations require support and compassion the most during difficult economic times. If the legislative "leadership" will not come together for the good of Illinois we must voice our concerns and find new leaders.

Bill Brady is not a conservative - he is an extremist whack job. If Bill Brady had his way, if your house was broken into and an intruder beat your 14 year old daughter to a pulp, and then raped and impregnated her, he would insist that your daughter have that baby. If you had a sick brother, who decided to get cozy with your daughter and impregnated his niece, Bill Brady would insist on your daughter having that baby. That's right, this extremist is anti choice, even in cases of incest and rape.

This pathetic choice for the Republican Party must not be allowed to spend a day in the governor's mansion! Shame on anyone who voted for him in the primary or is planning on voting for him in November. Governor Quinn will get my vote in November.

Whether someone is pro-choice or pro-life has very little effect in state government. This is a solidly liberal state and any so-called "new conservative order" is not going to happen. You need to vote for the person that is most likely to get us out of the financial mess we are in without taxing businesses and skilled people out of the state. Illinois is losing population, even with the addition of many illegal immigrants. We have had a complete domination by the Democrats in the legislature and every elected position for the past four years. How's it working for you?

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