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Abortion rights groups not happy with Obama executive order on abortion


Below, letter from NARAL....

Dear Pro-Choice Activist,

It is with mixed emotions that I write with news that, tonight, the House of Representatives passed the health-reform bill.

I am extremely disappointed to tell you that the final package includes the insulting, unworkable Nelson restriction on abortion coverage in the new system.

As you may recall, the Nelson language requires Americans in the new system to write two separate checks if the health plan they choose includes abortion coverage. This unacceptable bureaucratic stigmatization could cause insurance carriers to stop covering abortion care. This would represent a major setback, given that more than 85 percent of private plans cover this care for women today.

Despite this totally unacceptable anti-choice provision, reform will bring more than 30 million Americans into a system that includes affordable family-planning services and maternity care for women. It also outlaws some discriminatory insurance-industry practices that make health care more expensive for women. Improving women's access to birth control and prenatal care and making reproductive-health care more affordable are also at the core of our mission.

Here at NARAL Pro-Choice America, we struggled with the dilemma of how to respond to a bill that included both positive and disappointing provisions for reproductive health. Ultimately, we determined that we could not endorse this bill due to the abortion-coverage restrictions. But, we also could not, in good conscience, call for the bill's outright defeat and deny millions of American women the promise of better--although imperfect--health-care services that are an important part of our pro-choice values.

That these abortion-coverage restrictions remained in the bill is terrible news for all of us who believe that American women should not have to sacrifice their right to choose in order to gain ground in other areas of health care. It is an outrage that anti-choice politicians such as Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) used women's reproductive health as a bargaining chip.

But, believe me when I say that Congress and the White House have not heard the last from us. NARAL Pro-Choice America does not accept this bill as the final word on how abortion coverage will be defined in the new health-care system. We are committed to finding opportunities to repeal dangerous and unacceptable restrictions as the new system takes shape.

Thank you for standing with us for so many months. We will keep fighting to elect pro-choice members who share our pro-choice values.

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


I am glad that this was included. Abortion is not something that my required tax dollars should pay for. Those who CHOOSE to kill their children should at the very least PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES! I want no part of it! I cannot understand how any human being can think it is acceptable to tear babies apart and burn them for THEIR CONVENIENCE! I CHOOSE NOT TO BE A PART OF THE ATROCITY!

I wish I could take NARAL and other progressive groups seriously, but all they ever do is cave. They should never have endorsed Obama in the first place. Anybody paying attention during the primaries could see that he was a sexist.

NARAL you need to withdraw ALL support for Obama. Stop giving him your money. Then maybe people will take you seriously and we would not be witnessing the Democratic Party's erosion of women's hard won rights.

When I think of how many progressive women have fought for black civil rights over the years, it sickens me to think that a black President would treat us this way. I will never be made to feel guilty for making gender a primary concern ever again.

I am glad too. They have the freedom to kill the baby in the womb and we have the freedom to NOT have to pay for it. I would support psychiatric care for pregnant rape victims, but can NEVER support murdering babies. Rape is a sin but we cannot compile another sin (murder) on top of it and call it pro choice. This country needs to do whatever ever it takes to make the murdering of babies go away. In my opinion abortion should be withdrawn entirely and considered a crime.
And what difference does it make what color the presidents skin is? Anyone who sincerely tries to run the country for the good of humanity has my vote

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