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Was Scott Lee Cohen's ex-girlfriend--who said he was not fit to serve--the final straw? Maybe, says Gloria Allred


Below, release from Gloria Allred....

Statement regarding Scott Lee Cohen and Amanda Eneman

On Saturday, February 6, 2010, we issued a statement on behalf of Amanda Eneman, Scott Lee Cohen's former girlfriend. Mr. Cohen had previously invited his former girlfriend to speak out and she did. In the statement, Ms. Eneman indicated that Mr. Cohen was not fit for any public office including that of Lt. Governor.

Yesterday, the day after she issued her statement, Mr. Cohen dropped out of the race. Ms. Eneman's statement may have been the final straw for his ill fated campaign.

Ms. Eneman believes that the lesson to be learned from all of this is that politicians should be beyond reproach and live their lives in a way that reflects the high standard that the public has the right to expect.

Ms. Eneman did not ask to be thrust into this public debate and would have preferred not to have been part of it. It has been embarrassing for her to be the subject of discussion and to hear false statements being made about her. I commend her for speaking out. She has displayed an enormous amount of courage in order to make sure that the people of Illinois have elected officials of whom they can be proud.

Gloria Allred



Amanda Eneman

February 8, 2010


How about the fact Cohen was a woman-beater, a tax-cheat, a dead-beat dad and a unfaithful husband?!

How about the fact we all know that pawn shops are a necessary evil to doing business with those on the bottom rung of society?

How about the fact Mayor Daley thought it was very funny and laughing at a press conference considering he has a questionable past of either NOT KNOWING about what his underlings and relatives doing business with the city or IGNORING reporters tough questions about the Chicago's finances and contracts while ignoring the voters of Chicago?

Oh, I digress, Cohen is no Daley, but at least he know when to stop playing stupid!!

"Ms. Eneman believes that the lesson to be learned from all of this is that politicians should be beyond reproach and live their lives in a way that reflects the high standard..."

Did this all just come from the mouth of a former PROSTITUTE?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This lady is just out for her 15mins of fame and a reality show or book deal.

This is so rich indeed. A convicted prostitute allegedly moralizing regarding the acceptable level of morality to hold office. I am sure Gloria didn't write those words for her, and she just uttered them spontaneously and Gloria dutifully transcribed them.

Gloria Allred has to be the biggest attention whore of all time. She should have stuck to her cameo role in Rat Race, as that was the only genuine performance in her life.

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