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Sarah Palin coming to Illinois; Valerie Jarrett on Sarah Palin


Will Sarah Palin play in Peoria? Except for a brief stop in Chicago to tape an Oprah Winfrey show last November, Palin's first public appearance in Illinois will be April 17 in Washington, a town of about 14,000 near Peoria.

The local community center -- called Five Points Washington -- booked Palin for a speech and a dinner to raise money for a parking lot, youth scholarships and other projects. The 1,000 tickets sold out in a day. With VIP receptions thrown in, the center's gross -- according to my calculations -- should be about $235,000, minus Palin's fee, which is in the $100,000 ballpark.

Why Palin? "I think she has something to say," Washington Mayor Gary Manier says.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee who quit her job as Alaska governor, never made it to Illinois during the presidential campaign because President Obama had a lock on his adopted home state. It would have been a waste of time for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Now, she's out hawking her book Going Rogue, offering analysis on Fox News and making speeches, recently keynoting the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, where she opened with a cheery, "Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan."

Manier says the Palin booking came out of a conversation he had with John Morris, an executive at Eureka College's Ronald Reagan Museum, a tribute to the school's most famous alum.

The speakers bureau representing Palin pitched the college for an event. Eureka took a pass but the board at Five Points -- whose vice chairman is Steve Brown, the spokesman for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois -- used the Eureka opening to land her.

There is a national fascination with Palin, whose flirtation with a 2012 presidential run has sparked stories about her competency. An ABC/Washington Post poll this month found 71 percent of those surveyed said she's unqualified for the White House. But the populist and popular Palin has other metrics that also count -- endless clicks from an insatiable Internet audience that responds to any headline with the word "Palin," TV ratings and book sales. All of that buttresses Palin's de facto leadership of a loosely organized national conservative movement.

Could Palin be a factor in the Illinois Senate and governor contests, with Illinois Republicans in strong starting positions for the November election?

She is as polarizing as she is popular. Last year, the winning Republican gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey never had her stump for them. Illinois Democrats last week continued to pound U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk, the Republican Senate nominee, for soliciting Palin's backing last year. As Pete Giangreco, an adviser for Democratic Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias, put it, Kirk was the author of "a covert memo trying to beg for her endorsement."

But several Illinois Republican leaders said if Palin is agreeable -- and used in targeted areas -- she could be a help, especially in the governor's race, where either state Sen. Bill Brady or Sen. Kirk Dillard will face Gov. Quinn.

Pat Brady, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, says Palin "energizes people." State Sen. Dan Rutherford (R-Pontiac), the Republican nominee for state treasurer -- Washington is in his district -- says, "I think she does invigorate a certain constituency."

Palin probably wouldn't play well in Cook and DuPage counties, but, in central and southern Illinois, her stardom could get out the vote.

FOOTNOTE: In her Tea Party speech, Palin mocked Obama by asking "how's that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for ya?"

I asked White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett recently what she thought of Palin's dig.

Said Jarrett: "Making fun of the folks' real, sincere hopes for change that Americans across our country felt, I don't know that making fun of that is constructive. I prefer we would say, 'Come and think of constructive solutions that really improve our country.' I think people are tired of being made fun of."


Lynn, you say, "But the populist and popular Palin has other metrics that also count -- endless clicks from an insatiable Internet audience that responds to any headline with the word "Palin," TV ratings and book sales."

I've read something like this several times over the last week or so, but I haven't yet heard anyone point out that many internet readers actively search on her name to find titillating belittling new nuggets about her. I suppose that is popularity of a sort.

PALIN 2012!!!

She's the ONLY hope for change in DC!!

Ms. Jarrett is right.
Somebody should ask Sarah Palin how she will lead us.
Palin is good at quitting and perhaps satire or sarcasm?
Ask for Her plan for our country. Then ask about her religious beliefs and what she wants for our country.

"I think people are tired of being made fun of."

Valerie, nobody is making fun of sincere folks desire for change. We're wondering when the actual hope and change will take effect given the string of broken promises from the White House.

Sarah Palin offered a substantive critique of Obama's policies, and his lack of "hope and change." Perhaps the 200 reporters covering her Tea Party speech could have spent more time on that instead of the 6 words she wrote on her hand to deliver an hour-long address -- or her one-line riff on Obama's campaign theme.

I'm a former Democrat and unabashed Sarah Palin supporter. She has a record of pragmatic reform that the media has never bothered to fully explore. She took on powerful forces within her own party. She stood up to Big Oil. And she left her state better than she found it, having vetoed hundreds of millions in wasteful spending, and forwarded 2.2 billion in surplus to Alaska's rainy day fund. She also negotiated a vital energy project that will create thousands of jobs in the next decade.

If you believe the media's character assasination of Sarah Palin, you really should do some research.

Sarah Palin got things done. And maybe that's why so many people want to her from her.

People aren't tired of being made fun of, they're having fun making fun of Obama, duh!

That dimwit, Palin, isn't worth a plugged nickel.

You would ask about Sara Palin's competency after putting one of the most incompetent little boys ever in the White House? I think Ms Sweet needs to take some time off, you know, from all that global warming they had in DC lately. She look pretty tired to me.

I am very excited to see and hear Sarah Palin..She speaks from the heart and is a true American that loves her country. By the way, why would you ask Valeria Jarrett anything??

Sarah calls it as she sees it..even if it is not pretty. The U.S. is in big time trouble, so let's see what the "LADY" offers.

Go Sarah ! ! !

What Valerie Jarret meant was:

"I prefer we would say, 'Come and think of constructive solutions that really improve our country' because, face it, so far we got nothing. Worse than nothing. Garbage."

And I am sure you won't post this comment, because it' likely you treat opposing views the same way Obama does the Republican view:


I'm waiting for some reporter to ask Sarah Palin how all that change stuff people who voted for her for governor in Alaska is working out for them. Oh, right, she quit, said she could do more for Alaska if she weren't governor. And how's that working out for the people of Alaska? Maybe some reporter could also ask her what exactly it is she's done in these past 7 months that have helped the people of Alaska. I won't hold my breath, though, since the few who Sarah Palin blesses with an interview don't really ask any tough questions at all.

Does this mean that the White House via the MSM won't be making fun of Palin any more?

The hope and change theatrics of the Obama administration has died on the vine. Once the word got out he wanted to promote a Marxist ideology and socialist agenda his presidency in America ended. Valerie Jarrett, a product of the Chicago Communist Party wanting to "improve" America? LOL

to Linda: obviously, you hate Sarah Palin. It is none of your business who she chooses to interview with. If you were not a blind Palin hater, you would see that she has become a force that the White House fears. Not being in public office she is free to move about the country and speak up for the American people. Sarah Palin loves America and is not afraid to stand up and say that. The overwhelming huge turn out crowds should be your first clue that she is valued by the 'people'. Secondly, you must be a liberal, Obama lover.

The fight for the American People is ongoing, and 7 months just isn't enough to undo the Obama destructive agenda as he has 14 months ahead of her.

And to Lynn Sweet, try writing an unbiased article without any liberal slant. It is quite obvious you are not a Palin fan, so why write about her. Do you need some kind of inner gratificaton to accomplish your hate.! ??

Gee, I hope somebody will ask Sarah Plain why she scaremongered with "death panels" for regular Americans, but how the "socialized medicine" her children, husband are eligible for and her and grandchild actually receive is just fine. As a matter of fact, it is sooo good that her daughter refused to have the babydaddy's support buy a health insurance policy. Bristol prefers the socialized med courtesy of the IHS. Yep, suddenly death panels aren't a problem. Sarahypocrite.

does jarrett think we haven't noticed that obama isn't interested in listening to anyone other than the clowns he's carried to the w.h. with him. and listening to obama is a waste of time because he talks out of both sides of his mouth constantly. the first example of that that comes to mind is his speech to pensylvanians about how he'd help continue the use of coal mined there, and the next day chuckling on the radio in california about how he'd tax to death any new efforts to use coal. obama's alinsky/soros/chicago style of politics has left a stench that permeates both coasts.

Sarah Palin/Fabio 2012!


We know who Sarah Barracuda is against but specifically not why, except that she is a GOP. Her ad hominem attacks offer only namecalling and sweeping generalities. What, exactly, are her specific concepts to solve economic and social problem? I will not hold my breathe until I read something helpful and specific from her and her ilk. And book earnings and high pay for appearing at rabble rousing complaint conventions (that offer no solutions) just might be motivations for her support of those who are waylaid and bushwhacked by angry unsubstantiated rhetoric. She is short on using evidence and logic and long on cuteness and conceit and meanness. There are, of course, many who are more impressed by BS than by fact and rationality.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson-

why ask her anything...a sycophant for her arrogant, Wall St. financed boss, pretendting to care about people, when his ONLY concern is carrying out the orders of his masters!

Run Sarah Run! You are the voice of quitters the world over!

The dimwit that wrote this:

That dimwit, Palin, isn't worth a plugged nickel.

Bought the cartoon caricature that the idiots in the press made of her. Anyone that can go into a room with Exxon execs and come out with what they want is no dimwit.

Said Jarrett: "Making fun of our really cool ad slogan for change that Americans across our country fell for, I don't know that making fun of that is constructive. I prefer we would say, 'Come and think of ways we can simply obey Obama.' We are tired of being made fun of."

I asked White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett recently what she thought of Palin's dig.

Really Ms.Sweet,does anyone care what Jarette thinks let alone what she thinks about Palin? All I have seen is personal attacks and whining coming from Obama's administration. As an independent, this is very disappointing. I think Ms.Palin may be onto something when she asked "How's that hopey changey thing working out for you?" So far, not well at all.

Yeah, Sarah, lay off! Nobody has ever made fun of you, and poor Obama just gets mocked and called names day after day in the media, and they invent all sorts of crazy stories about him, and say he is stupid because he said there are 57 states! Leave Barack alone, Sarah, you big bully!!

People are tired of being made fun of? Tell me Ms. Jarrett, who said, "I can see Russia from my house?" Uh, yeah. NOT Sarah Palin. Actually it was Tina Fey. Robert Gibbs wrote on his hand, Letterman made jokes about her daugher being raped, and everybody laughed, laughed, laughed. Oh, it was all so funny, a real laugh riot. And you said, "People are tired of being made fun of." Oh, oops, no you didn't. So let me amend your statement so that it is more accurate. "I am tired of people I agree with being made fun of." There. Fixed it for ya. You've had your fun, Ms. Jarett, you and your ilk. Let's see how it feels, now that the shoe is on the other foot. Not so much fun, huh? Awwww. Me? I'm buying popcorn futures at the MERC, because the next year is going to be soooooo entertaining. I saw a picture of a really funny billboard the other day. GW was waving, and the caption said "Miss me yet?" Oh, that was soooo funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Get used to it Valerie.

"Said Jarrett: 'Making fun of the folks' real, sincere hopes for change that Americans across our country felt, I don't know that making fun of that is constructive. I prefer we would say, 'Come and think of constructive solutions that really improve our country.' I think people are tired of being made fun of.'"

"Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?... Has it ever occurred to your, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?... The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact, there will be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness."
- George Orwell, 1984

Obama is making fun of the American people. For him and his organization to think that everyone is stupid and falling for their scam is demeaning! Yes there are still some that are falling for obamas hopey changey and we can't do anything with stupid people. As the saying goes stupid once stupid always. Plus obamas admin will continue to think that his reading a TelePrompTer making him sound smart is getting old! Even now he seems to be having a hard time with written words for him. Corpsmen!!!! Good God I can only imagine what would have happen if Bush had said that!! Media has done us wrong by promoting a guy that was no better then what he was... A community organizer!!! What a joke.!!!

Palin 2012!!!!!

Isn't this enough to run-a-chill up their (dumb-o-rats) legs?

Palin, the sensible alternative to elites who have ruined our great nation.

"how's that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for ya?"

Here's your answer.

Brenda:You are a snob and an elitist. All Americans love America, not just your people who go see Palin. This is Our Country, not just Palin's and yours.

People are tired of being made fun of? Tell me Ms. Jarrett, who said, "I can see Russia from my house?" Uh, yeah. NOT Sarah Palin. Actually it was Tina Fey. Robert Gibbs wrote on his hand, Letterman made jokes about her daugher being raped, and everybody laughed, laughed, laughed. Oh, it was all so funny, a real laugh riot. And you said, "People are tired of being made fun of." Oh, oops, no you didn't. So let me amend your statement so that it is more accurate. "I am tired of people I agree with being made fun of." There. Fixed it for ya. You've had your fun, Ms. Jarett, you and your ilk. Let's see how it feels, now that the shoe is on the other foot. Not so much fun, huh? Awwww. Me? I'm buying popcorn futures at the MERC, because the next year is going to be soooooo entertaining. I saw a picture of a really funny billboard the other day. GW was waving, and the caption said "Miss me yet?" Oh, that was soooo funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Get used to it Valerie.

Thank God we have Sarah Palin! She can save our dear Country from the Obamas, Jarretts, democrats and liberals.

LOL Ms Sweet, did you ask if Ms Jarrett extended her advice to Robert Gibbs who mocked Gov. Palin at a WHITE HOUSE press briefing? Hypocrite much Obama Admin? That would have required a follow up question which is actual journalism not just being the propaganda arm of the Obama admin.

I love how everyone in the Obama administration tries to deflect criticism by throwing it back to the criticizer. They are shocked that the American people really aren't the stupid rubes they thought we were. Sarah Palin was poking fun at Obama, not us. And we know it.

Sorry Valerie Jarrett, but you can take your "change" and shove it. Americans hate fascism.

"I think people are tired of being made fun of."

Gee, Valerie, tell that to Robert Gibbs the next time he picks up a Magic Marker to write on the palm of his hand. Seems to me that mockery is the key go-to tool of the Obama Administration. I predict that some wag is going to make fun of Valerie Jarrett saying that "people are tired of being made fun of."

Like many other professional female, I'm appalled that Palin is even thought of as a Presidential candidate. Just how stupid is America? Obviously, very...

For all of those who think she isn't qualified to be President, look what we have now and look who the next in line is. HAH!! What brilliant critics we have running loose in the streets. How about Jimmy carter, eh? Lotsa brains and no sense. Jesus.

This is a joke, right? The hatred takes on a most ugly shade of green here. The sad part is you show it openly to the world, and really shows no real valid point other than you hate what America loves. Oh well, we will hear nothing but crickets come 2012. And deep down, you know it.

Post this or not, it's what the majority of America feels. Valerie Jarrett? LOL this has got to be a joke, right?

I'm not a Palin fan, but I've NEVER seen anyone so ruthlessly publicly attacked, mocked, and belittled, and in such a co-ordinated way, as this woman and her family. If anyone has earned the right to say crass things about other people, it'd be her.

I find Sarah Palin a fascinating women who has a real sense of where our country is headed and isn't afraid to speak up about why it's headed there. She did some really good things for Alaska and I think that she can make good things happen for our country. I feel sorry for who ever takes over after Obama finishes his term. They won't be able to do anything right because they'll have one heck of a mess to clean up and national debt that will be unreal. That person will have to step on allot of toes to get things done. I think Sarah has the drive and the knowledge to make it happen. And I think she smart enough to be like Regan and surround herself with very good people instead of hoods from Chicago.
So to all you liberal knuckle heads who were taken in by change team and now know you got short changed. Move over, Sarah's on the move to shake things up. As the old saying goes, lead,follow or get the heck out of the way. And sense you haven't done much of a job leading, you figure it out!.

I have heard Sarah Palin speak twice. She is electrifying in person. She is warm, funny and resolute in her beliefs. She has been one of the only voices that has been able to cut through the deception and misdirection of this administration.

Maybe, Valerie Jarrett should think a little deeper on why "How's that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for ya?" bothers her. Maybe, it bothers Ms. Jarrett because Obama's administration has made the economy, the job market and the mood of the nation much worse in a fairly short time.

President Obama has been a disaster for our country and maybe the truth hurts for those in the inner circle like Ms. Jarrett. Too bad the voters couldn't figure out that "Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy."

Wait a minute... a DEMOCRAT is commenting that a Republican should not make fun of people because it's not constructive? Excuse me? Really, Ms. Sweet?

Just when did the Democrats and their supporters develop a morality about being constructive? The same party that did nothing but make fun of a Texan president's speaking style, compare that same president's face to a chimpanzee, mock his children, and countless other mean-spirited things has whatever Palin or any other Republican wants to dish out coming to it. Obama was elected based on nothing more than tearing Bush down at every opportunity. Yeah, really constructive.

What utter garbage.

To Linda,
Obviously you have no clue as to why the Cuda resigned. I'll tell you why, the democrats and their leftist obama sycophants, through the filing of frivolous ethics complaints (all of which were subsequently dismissed) made it impossible for the Cuda's administration to govern, that was the dems entire strategy to destroy her 80% favorable ratings. In fact the Cuda was, and is still, far more qualified to sit in the oval office than your little boy obama, who by the way proves how small and unqualified he is every single day. How's that hopey changey thing woring our for you Linda. Palin2012 YOU BETCHA.

Oh Please! Obama did nothing but mock Bush/Chaney for years... Valerie is a hypocrite! In fact every member of the Obama administration is a hypocrite. And a liar! I have never ever heard such easy lying in my life!

We need to get rid of this bunch of crooks in our government. How did the mob get this much power?

Take heart electorate. In 2012 we may have a Twilight Zone contested election between two 9-11 Truthers.

Hey Linda Tinjum .. Let me ask you something. You are snarkily suggesting that Sarah Palin's resignation was a bad deal for Alaskans. (You want reporters to explore how horribly Alaskans were treated by Sarah Palin quitting, such a raw deal.) Ok, I'll bite. So, by logical implication, you are really saying that Alaska would have benefited by Sarah Palin continuing to be governor, right? That's what you're saying. You want her to be governor now. So, let's examine that.

In just 2 1/2 years, Gov. Sarah Palin completed 95% of the policy iniatives she campaigned on She had an over 80% approval rating before the VP pick. So, she does a fantastically competent job as a reformer governor, including reducing the governor's personal travel budget budget by 85%, selling the private jet, laying off the chauffeur and the chef to save the state money (not to mention all the major policy initiatives she got passed, and the fiscal responsibility).

And then after her VP run, she finds herself in a new situation: suddenly spending 80% of her time dealing with frivolous lawsuits and freedom of information act requests filed by political dirt diggers. Her adminstration was stymied. Doesn't that sound like a huge waste? One frivolous suit after another ... 19 in all, with no merit to any of them. But you are suggesting that Palin completing 17 more months in office would have helped Alaskans, that having their executive branch of government paralyzed for more than a year was a GOOD thing, while Sarah Palin incurred personal bankruptcy defending herself.

In fact, wasn't Palin really harming her state sticking around at that point? Basically doing more harm in her position than good?

Someone who didn't care about their state, like oh I dunno, some corrupt Illinois governor, likely would have stayed in office, screwed the state over, billed them for the legal fees, traveled around the country or the world in their final year (expensed it to taxpayers) and reveled in being a celebrity while still collecting their governor's salary.

Nobody would have called her a "quitter" had she screwed over her own state and taken the conventional path. Don't you think, in fact, it took more guts to quit? Especially knowing her decision might be misunderstood by Alaskans and that she might be signing her political death warrant?

Don't we need more elected officials with that kind of courage -- to put the people first? Or are you going to contintue to claim increduously that she should be governor right now because that's what was best for Alaska?

By Linda Tinjum on February 21, 2010 10:19 AM, by resigning, Sarah Palin has saved the state of Alaska millions in legal fees and employee man hours defending her against scurrilous and time wasting ethics charges brought by disgruntled Obama Democrats. However, before she left, she made sure that the state would earn billions because of her deft handling of the pipeline deal. She made sure the people of Alaska had money coming to them from the good times. She didn't promise Alaska hope and change; she gave them reform.

What has Obama done for America? How's that hopey changey stuff working out for ya?

Where is my comment? *sigh*

Sarah is the right president for US . Go Sarah

Oh, and Lynn ... Would you please stop using the gender-charged word "polarizing" to describe Sarah Palin unless you promise to also apply it to Obama who is now at 48% in the Gallup poll meaning approximately half the country does not approve of the job he's doing.

If Palin is "polarizing," so is Obama.

And unfortunately, we've seen that "polarizing" is the word of choice applied to female politicians. This word was applied to Hillary Clinton as well. Politics, would you not agree, tends to be polarizing, but male politicians are rarely called such. It is a perjorative usually reserved for women, and always reserved for conservatives.

We will call you out if you continue using this reference. You should be aware of this bias. It's unacceptable.

Jarrett's view of ideas from people who disagree with her can be summed up by her boss: "I won." (So shut up).

Too bad this is still the United States and people like Jarrett can go cry in the corner if they don't like it.

I have to laugh whenever I hear or read that the Obama people want others to be polite, civil and non sarcastic. The Saul Alinsky moppets believe in nothing less than identify target, isolate, freeze and destroy.

Sorry Valerie Jarrett. They are so funny, people must call them out. Someone needs to publish a comic book detailing the goof-ups, Bidenisms, teleprompter snafus, outright in-your-face lies, and corruption.

I'll go see Sarah Palin! You bet'cha!!

Betsy Potter

Oh, my. The Palin-hate just keeps on coming.

How about Drill baby, drill? If Obama had authorized real drilling instead of bull nuclear actions that will never realize, he might not be so damn unpopular.

The question isn't whether he's lost the House, it's has he lost the Senate, too. The change will be swift in November, then what will he do? Keep 'leading' like he has been? I hope so.

Nicole - You say, "Sarah Palin offered a substantive critique of Obama's policies..." We must not have been listening to the same speech. I heard nothing substantive in anything that she said. She made "digs," she played the blame game, she told you how American she is, and she gave all the same sound-bites that she gave during the campaign and have been echoed since the election. I really want to know, what were her substantive critiques.

You also say that, "She has a record of pragmatic reform that the media has never bothered to fully explore. " I wish that the media had truly explored her record. They would have found that the leadership of the AIP solicited her for the position of Mayor of Wasilla. Further research would have discovered that AIP is part of the White Supremacist organization. This research would have caused them to question her definition of "real American." And, how "real American" squares with wanting to secede from the Union. In addition, when she made the claim of a person being guilty by association, then, they could have claimed the same of her, and, not only associating with AIP but "sleeping" with a longtime member of AIP.

The same AIP leadership solicited her to run for Governor of Alaska. This was a political opportunity because of the situation with the then current governor. Plus, she didn't have popular challengers. Did you listen to the debate she had with her opponents? Just one-liners and digs.

Research would further show that Ms. Palin left Wasilla with a deficit and she left Alaska with a deficit. The Rainy Day Fund? Well, that money came from Big Oil's surplus. How did Big Oil get this surplus? Well, it came from the profits they made from its sale of oil to the lower 48 states. Big Oil was profiting while we were paying up to $5.00 a gallon for gas, if not more, She could have used this free money to take care of the budget deficit; but she elected not to and disbursed it among the people while at the same time raising their taxes to pay the budget deficit.

I had to do my research on this unknown when she came on the scene during the campaign. My research gave me enough information to formulate an opinion about her. She has done nothing to cause me to change my mind about her and her politics. If nothing else, everything that she has done and said since the election has enhance my negative opinion about her and her politics.

Obama typically uses the mocking technique of Alinsky. It is funny Jarret would try to mount such a defense.

Valerie Jarrett somehow implies that Sarah Palin is making fun of the American People because Palin asked "How's the Hope-y Change-y stuff working out for ya"?

Valerie, I think she was making fun of you and your merry band of Marxists currently occupying the White House. I know the Liberal mind has a serious "projection" problem, but please...

Last week it was disclosed that then Democrat Presidential Candidate John Edwards couldn't stand dealing with the unwashed masses he had to endure while traveling around the country.

I think Valerie is confusing Sarah Palin with John Edwards.

Since Edwards is a Lying Ambulance Chasing Sleazy Lawyer who screws around on the Mother of his Children while she is battling Bone Cancer and managed to have an illegitamate Child while blaming his Campaign Manager for his problems, I'm sure he would be a great fit in the current Administration.

Better yet Valerie, why don't you emulate your boss Obama and his advisor Rahm Emmanuel and make fun of the F'n Retarded Kids that participate in the Special Olympics.

Republicans Hope people are smart. Democrats Think people are stupid. Just ask Valerie Jarrett.

Heh, funny how Valerie admonishes Palin when she asks the hopey changey question but Ms. Valarie says nothing about those who poke fun of an innocent Down's Syndrome child. She must be a fng retard?

Valerie, objectively accurate fun poking at you and the other oddballs from Chicago hasn't even begun yet. You are not serious people and deserve to be derided. If you want to be taken seriously get serious about serving the country and not just running your mouths.

greydog, I doubt you've ever seen a plugged nickel, much less understand the shooting skill needed to create same. Sarah does.

I'll take her over you any day.

"...I think people are tired of being made fun of." - Slumlord Queen Jarrett

Did Jarrett have that written on the palm of her hand the way White House Spokesperson Robert Gibbs did when he was making fun of Palin?

Making fun of Palin, her husband, her daughter and her special needs son is a national past time for the Lamestream media.

But Obama and his family are off limits? Nice double standard. I'd honsetly like to know what's behind it.

The person who made fun of the people's honest desire for change was Obama, who cynically used it to land himself in the White House. He's the one who really made a mockery of the people.

The unmitigated gall of Valerie Jarrett talking about Palin making fun of people (read "Obama"). The Left has done nothing but ridicule, mock, belittle, and make fun of Palin since she was made a V.P. candidate. Their lackeys in the main stream media have been relentless in their vitriol and contempt, even to picking on her children.

They even made fun of her for writing five words on her palm while the smartest man in Washington DC, professor Obama dare not speak even in front of a fifth grade class without his array of teleprompters.

The left always accuses people on the Right with what they themmselves are guilty of in spades.

Interesting that the pro-Palin comments list her substantive accomplishments from a successful public service background. The "anti-Palin" comments can only call her names. Time to grow up and face your fears, libs. Palin is not going away! lol

Jarrett: "I think people are tired of being made fun of."

You know what, you're right! Pass that bit along to Obama before he dismisses and makes fun of those that don't agree with him, as he's been doing now for the last year or two.

Do you really want to bring people's religious beliefs into this. Does the name Jeremiah Wright mean anything to you?

Palin's a quitter????

Here is the main difference on that compared to Obama.

Sarah did quit as govenor of Alaska. She resigned and gave up all the perks and pay that the job provided. She did the ethical thing, knowing she would be "campaigning"

Obama on the other hand quit working as a US Senator, BUT did not resign. He unethically kept all his senate perks and pay, although he did no work as a US senator.

For me, I'll take an ethical quitter over an unethical one every time.

Also it's interesting how Obama, and the Obama koolade drinkers all talked about the hope and change that he would immediately bring to Washington, well they did talk this way untill he won, then it changed to "he needs time". Even a year in the world still waits.

Valerie who? Oh, you mean that lady that was sincerely hoping to make some serious change off of Chicago real estate when the 2016 Olympics came to town. That Valerie?

1. Court papers filed in court by Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin, show that Trip Johnson, Sarah's grandson has been, and is currently receiving government run healthcare in Alaska.

The court papers have just been in .pdf files online. Try also.

2. Sarah Palin calls for "limited government". Is Ms. Palin willing to cut 30% defense spending for our fighting troops? Is she willing to cut medicare for seniors? Now that's a death panels! She wants competition across state lines that would allow insurance corporations to set up shop in less regulated states that would cover less while charging more (think of the credit card fee nightmare). Does she really believe in high risk pools with no cost controls? That would affect people who have health insurance in states where more coverage is required as a baseline. Tort reform? Texas has had the most stringent tort reform, yet healthcare costs has increased above the national average, and has the highest number of unisured in Texas; 6 million Texans to be exact. Would she cut funding for airports, and allow planes to land in cow fields? How about cutting the border control, and coast guard funding? Why not eliminate the CDC and NIH, and have no controls over diseases, drugs and other medical a bana

3. Is Ms. Palin going to cut funding for the CIA, FBI, DEA, TSA, ICE and other law enforcement agencies? That would leave a gaping hole for terrorists to enter this country. Is Ms. Palin willing to cut the Department of Education, which would for sky-rocketing tuition prices, closing of state universities' research, etc. Is she willing to cut spending for states that help sustain law enforcement and emergency agencies?

4. In Texas recently, and 1 day after her Tea Party Speech (in which Tom Tancredo called for civic and literacy test for voters...remember Jim Crow Laws from the 1960's), she called for Texas to secede. Samuel Alito, a right wing supreme court justice issued a letter stating that the issue was decided in the civil war. Morever, if Texas were to secede from the union, it would required closing military bases, all state, local and federal agencies, state universities, world class hospitals, oil and gas companies, government contractors. Ans what would we call the new leader? El Presidente?

5. On Fox News Sunday with Chris wallace, Ms. palin suggested that Obama "play the war card" and declare war on Iran. Ms. Palin said that would help Obama get re-elected. Had Palin studied 3rd grade Civics, she would have known that only the Congress shall declare war as prescribed by the constitution. On ABC's This Week, even Dick Cheney said that was a dumb idea. But less than his words, was when shown the Palin news reel from FOX, his facial expression said it all.

I am an independent leaning Republican because of morons like Sarah Palin.

Cast your thoughts ahead to the year 2013. The new President of the United States will be too busy trying to reboot the country and the economy to worry too much about Obama and his legacy.

However, people will wonder for years if Carter or Obama was the worst President EVER!

She's not making fun of the American people, she's making fun of an administration that promised a trip to the moon and instead we got a trip to the unemployment line.

'hopey changey'? Honey if you want to insult the Obama administration, one can do so much better than that. Small potatoes, that. Thin skin.

We have construction solutions but THEY'RE the ones that don't want to hear that their platitudes were full of hot air. It's so much more FUN to promise pie in the sky than it is to deliver painful results based upon reality. Damn it must hurt to discover that wishing and hoping won't make utopia happen.

The REAL solutions to our problems will cause a lot of financial pain for the citizenry. It means cuts in services. It means bootstraps. It means sweat and work. What it would take is the equivalent of a national movement of sacrifice to deal with our debt. It means slashing government past the fat to the bone. It means remembering who we are as a country. It would take a movement like we experienced during WWII where EVERYONE put their backs into it.

What won't do it are BS pork stimulus bills that just increase our debt and thus exacerbate the problem. This is not a tiny recession, this is the verge of bankruptcy.

Hopey and changey? I have other words for an administration that is completely inept, bleakly waving their old bumperstickers and wearing faded t shirts, wondering where the party went.

Governing takes a lot more than campaigning.

But there's nothing "partisan" about Valerie Jarrett, eh?
The entire crew of Chicago ThugDom has invaded our nation's politics and policies - all for the worse!
Sarah Palin is no Maggie Thatcher, but the uncontrolled giddiness at bashing her is really juvenile.


This is another hit-piece that leftys like Sweet are so good at. Tiring, boring and generally a waste of time to read. But good commenting practice!

Jarrett is now sensitive to insults?

Is she retarded or something?

Let's see if I get this clear: It is OK for Obama supporters to make fun of the fact that Palin has a Down syndrome child, but it's not OK for Palin to make fun of the now proven empty campaign slogans of hope and change? I am surprised racism wasn't brought up

Funny that the people who have made an art form of degrading and making fun of people would have a complaint.

Yeah, the problem in our country is Sarah Palin making fun of people. If only there were someone in the media brave enough to make fun of her, too...

I wonder why Ms. Sweet and her ilk never mention Bill Clinton or The Algore's speaking fees every time they write an article about one of their speaking events? She acts as though Governor Palin is the only person who does this?

Yeah, I found that Mr. Clinton, from 2001-2007 collected 40 MILLION DOLLARS in speaking fees.

Here is where his money came from in those days: 650K from Goldman Sachs for 4 speeches PLUS another 270K from their employees and their PAC! Citigroup (H. Clintons biggest donor) offered 5.5 MILLION to the Clinton Global Ini.

2/3 of Mr. Clintons fees come from FOREIGN sources.

Al Gore? Do you want to go there?? He should be SUED for all of his HOAX speeches!

Sarah Palin, heh the name it self gives me a twitching feeling in my eye. Look people we do not need a Hockey mom in the White House. Or some one who insults every known Community Organizer in the U.S on T.V by saying "The difference between Governor and a Community Organizer is, actual responsibility" hey "Whats the difference between a Hockey Mom and a pit bull? Lip stick!" ha ha wow, ok I should vote for her.

To all the women out there, come on Sarah Palin?!?
There has to be someone who's more qualified for the job. Voting for Sarah because she is a women is just as bad as voting for Obama because he is black.

"Drill Baby Drill" How sexiest is this, if any male Politician used the word "baby" he would be politically hung for it.

Hey lets vote for some one who's "Going Rogue"

As for Alaska, heh you can't even get to some towns by road. As for saying it's better then it was when Sarah took over is like saying Poop stops smelling after a while.

I said it before and I'll say it again, Vote no for Hockey Mom 2012!

Linda: I would bet the people of Alaska are quite happy! Their state is in the black, unlike most other states, thanks to Sarah Palin.

They have been left with a very, very competent governor in charge (Sarah's former lieutenant governor).

And, they are probably thrilled that there are no more expensive, frivilous (and all dismissed) and petty lefty lawsuits costing their taxpayer dollars.

Next question, Linda?

Valerie, Have you been tea-bagged by Barack?

The new Rasmssen poll shows 54% DISAPPROVE of President Obama's performance. If anyone is guilty of making fun of people, it is the Obama administration. All that wonderful, glorious talk about hope and change? Yeah, that really hasn't worked out for us. The changes have been devasting and our country is on the brink of bankruptcy. The change we pray for, Ms Jarrett, is that you and the others pack your bags and leave when a new president is voted into office in 2012.

News for you Valerie, baby, the only hope we have for America now is to make Obummer a one-term President. He's the human wrecking ball for America. Obummer makes Jimmy Carter look like a genius. And as for Rahm Deadfish Emanuel and Obummer (appearing w/Jay Leno) mocking special needs human beings, talk about your bottom-dwellers.

All I can say is: "How's that Bushy Chaney thing working out for us?" Two unfunded wars, Giant deficit, no progress on homwland security. Unsustainable health care cost increase. Wow .. Sarah really has her finger on the pulse of America. Can't wait to see what wonderful contributions she will make next ... Oh wait, what contributions has she made?

@Gone Rogue...I don't think that Palin is planning to run in 2012, since she is just too effective as a private citizen. However, if she did run and win, I highly doubt she would cut defense. Instead, she would likely make huge cuts in the alphabet soup of agencies that are NOT set forth in the constitution.

Palin did not "call" for Texas to secede. In her speech she mentioned hearing talk of Texas seceding, and said that upon hearing this she said "No I they you have that wrong...Texas is SUCCEEDING".

Palin also did not advocate "playing the war card". What she said, in response to whether Obama could win in 2012, was that she didn't think so unless something dramatically changed in today's landscape, such as Obama "playing the war card". In other words, something like that would change the political climate, and he might stand a chance. After all, who would have thought, after the divisive 2000 election, that Preident Bush would have a fantastic approval rating less than a year later. No one...because they weren't factoring in the game-changing events of 9/11. THAT was Palin's point. I will say that I did not like the term "playing the war card", and I wish that she had used different terminology to make her point.

Gone Rogue, you have twisted Palin's words. I'm not sure if you just don't understand, or if it was intentional. I always find it very telling when people resort to word-twisting and outright lies to try to prove a point. It is pathetic and desperate.


Speaking of sexist...what century are you living in??? You think that women would vote for someone just because she is a woman? That didn't work out so well for Hillary Clinton, did it? Give me a break.

"Drill, baby, drill!" has an interesting history. It actually was the slogan of the 2008 RNC convention, and was first spoken by (male) chairman Michael Steele. In fact, this caused a problem because the slogan was owned by the American Dental Association since the 1970's. I guess a powerful woman can't say "baby", but men and dentists can. Yet another double standard, I guess.

I can see why Alaska is so independent...with buffoons like Jeremy from the lower 48 disparaging it, why would they want to be more like us??

Sarah Palin, along with the heartland of American, have been offering constructive criticism. It's your fault that you continue to not listen and think of it as "ridicule."

She's going to continue be up in your face Val because the woman has a spine and is honest.

To all those people who voted for the messiah, the oh-so-eminently qualified one, Sarah Palin has forgot more about executive governance than Obonehead will ever know or understand. Obonehead has pulled the consummate con on the American people, in fact, he's the one who's not qualified, it's not remotely arguable.

82% of the national debt was spent by Ronnie Raygun, GHWB, and GWB. More than all the other presidents in history. Do you fools think she will do any different? The top 1% of the population makes an average of 186 million a year, and thanks to Raygun, GHWB, and GWB they pay an average of 16.6% income tax. How much did you Palin lovers pay last year? Do you think she will do anything to change that. Bible spice is in the back pocket of those one percenters, do you honestly think she cares about working stiffs? She talks about real Americans (who ever they are) but she takes the 100k and runs. If she is so noble, why doesn't she make that speech for nothing?

Busbus ... You have GOT to be kidding me right? Sarah was not a part of the Alaska Independence Party. (Do you get your news solely from Daily Kos?) She is a lifelong Republican with a mainstream libertarian-conservative outlook. Your attempts to paint her as fiscally irresponsible are LUDICROUS. The people of her town approved the bonds for the arena that you refer to. Nothing unusual there. Meanwhile, as mayor, she cut personal property taxes, spurred infrastucture development, and increased city revenue 14% while attracting many businesses to Wasilla, making it the fastest-growing city in Alaska.

She never called for Texas to secede. She called for Texas to "succeed" and it has thanks to conservative principles.

As governor she vetoed $500 million in wasteful spending (against staunch objections by the legislature). Incidentally, Alaska's budget ($12 billion) dwarfted Bill Clinton's Arkansas budget ($2 billion), but Sarah is derided as having no experience.

Now, for Gone Rogue... Where can I start? My husband is Native American. He has received scholarships and benefits for being part of a tribe. As a physician, he will soon be working for the Indian Health Services, a government agency that provides healthcare to Native populations, the result of TREATIES that TOOK AWAY THEIR LAND.

Do you realize how hypocritical YOU ARE? If Sarah were a liberal married to a minority, it would be fine. She's married to an Alaska native, and her children (and their children) have the right to the Indian Health Services medical care because the federal government TOOK THEIR LANDS and offered them the pitiful services in return.

Nice try. Why don't you focus on our current president who has increased unemployment since taking office.

Busbus ... As for substance, you really wanna go that route in attacking Sarah Palin after we have a current president elected on nothing more than the promise of hope and change?

Tell me: What single area of expertise does Barack Obama bring to the country? In other words, what's his signature issue? I'm talking about a policy area that he has demonstrated throughout his career he can hang with anyone. Got one? Now, mind you, it can't just be an issue he has TALKED about; we would need to see concrete proof of his expertise and experience in a particular area of policy that has an impact on the vast swath of the electorate. What is Obama an expert in?

Ok, I know you'll be thinking on that for awhile. Let me tell you about Sarah Palin. She hails from an energy-rich state that produces nearly 20% of our domestic supply. She was an oil & gas regulator who blew the whistle on collusion between government officials and oil lobbyists. As governor, she spearheaded the effort to re-negotiate the entire tax structure for the way Alaskans are compensated for their oil resources. She threatened to sue Exxon-Mobil for sitting on oil leases, and they backed down and started drilling. And she forged ahead through decades of dithering to lay the groundwork for a $40 billion privately-built natural gas project, the largest infrastucture project in North American history.

I think Sarah knows energy.

What does Barack know?

Do you honestly think she cares about working stiffs? She talks about real Americans (who ever they are) but she takes the 100k and runs. If she is so noble, why doesn't she make that speech for nothing?
Um, did Bill Clinton and Al Gore speak for nothing? Would you deny a working mom a chance to provide for her family as she sees fit? Sarah can hang with the big boys and draw huge speaking fees because people WANT to hear what she says.

Sarah Palin is married to a union worker, her family are all squarely in the middle class, mostly teachers, and she has demonstrated throughout 13 years in elected office that she puts the PEOPLE first, and governs according to the Constitution. (

Maybe that's why ordinary people across America are so interested in hearing from her.

No, $arah was NOT a member of the Alaskan Independance Party. Her husband, Toad "MANTAN" Palin, WAS a member for 7 years. Since $arah aspired politically she stayed a member of the Republican party, she did however attend meetings with husband.

Very tricky, BUT now Nicole (former DEM, yeah uh huh...) CAN say "GAWD, GOLLY JEESH $arah WAS NEVER A MEMBER!!!!". No, $arah never was a card carrying member, but she DID bake cookies for the meetings!

$arah built her Mc Mansion the same time as the arena, lots of stuff "FELL OFF THE BACK OF THE TRUCK", oh I can go on and on...let Nicole keep her dream.

$arah Palin/Fabio 2012!

Sarah Palin is a shameless hypocrite and opportunistic quitter, who wouldn't receive any attention from the right were she not considered attractive, and she certainly wouldn't be putting in an appearance unless someone was waving a six-figure check under her nose.

She can't name a single Supreme Court case other than Roe, can't tell you what she reads, bounced around five different colleges in three states before getting her degree, disparages the cities where most Americans live and the colleges where most want their children to go. She speaks in angry populist rhetoric which exploits the very people it claims to defend.

She does us all an incredible disservice by glamorizing ignorance, celebrating family dysfunction, and giving voice to the worst elements of our society.

The Palin Express went off the rails a long time ago, and now it's just a matter of time before it runs out of steam. Angry populism never has staying power, as Americans are at their core the very optimistic and hopeful people who Palin has made a side show out of disparaging.

In time she will be relegated to the junk heap of history, like all other haters before her, and only thought about when we examine the darker aspects of our culture.

""""""By MARKO on February 22, 2010 9:07 AM
All I can say is: "How's that Bushy Chaney thing working out for us?" Two unfunded wars, Giant deficit, no progress on homwland security. Unsustainable health care cost increase. Wow .. Sarah really has her finger on the pulse of America. Can't wait to see what wonderful contributions she will make next ... Oh wait, what contributions has she made?""""""

The inanities of this compilation is absolutely comical.

Marko, please elaborate on what Obama has accomplished thus far into his Presidency? Is it the 10% unemployment? What about the $1.3 trillion dollar deficit and $13 trillion dollar debt? Or, could it be his feckless Foreign Policy that coddles terrorists? Nevermind, it's got to be his successful Nationaled Health Care he just passed that will bankrupt the country! Oh wait, that proposal didn't even pass with a Democratic House Majority and Senate.

That said, Obama couldn't even write all of his accomplishments on a penny because he simply doens't have any. The reality of the situation is, Obama's APR's are plummeting precipitously much to the chagrin of the mindless left. When you have over 40% of the American people "STRONGLY DISAPPROVING" of your policies, I think that speaks volumes of his ineptitude. However, continuing to act as tone deaf as Obama is will ensure us that he will be a one-term President. Get used to Obama being the new bete-noire of the country.

The left is desperate as evidenced by the reverting of ad hominem geared towards Palin! Vote Republican and take back the country.

Run Sarah Run!!! poor thing. Just what the US needs -- another village idiot to replace W. If you thought Georgie was scripted to the 9's, just wait till ole Sarah gets going.

I believe that when the MSM needs to boost their ratings or get hits on their site, they use a tried and true method in that they mention people that are either loved or hated...either one is ok. Muhamad Ali and the University of Notre Dame know the principal well. They don't care why you come to the show just come. I read this column because it popped on a search for Sarah Palin. I am a great fan and supporter of hers and I know I am probably a racist homophobe, but I can't help myself. I will try to get a ticket to some of her events when the opportunity arises. Just for the record, I bet that if Sarah ran for Governor of Alaska again she would win in a landslide. FTR Lynn you hooked me, this is probably the first and only time I have ever read anything you wrote.

The amount of hatred I am reading towards our President is very sad and undeserving. The GOP, Palin and the right-wing's 24/7 attack on him are certainly having an effect. Derangement syndrome comes to mind.

While you revile him, he continues to work on solving the many problems facing our nation. What have your leaders on the right given you except to incite you to hatred?

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