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Sarah Palin at "tea bag party" convention


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Do people actually believe anything this woman says? Palin has proven herself as an incompetent in the 2008 race. McCain's operatives and just about every traditional Republican party stalwart gives her a no confidence vote. The only organization that believes in her is Fox News Channel, and that just because of the rating she'll bring in (capitalism at work).

The tea bag party is the best thing to happen to her and the Republican party. The more she kowtows to the "tea baggers," the more the Republican party can return to its roots - the party of low taxes, smaller govt., and self-sufficiency, and the Republicans can then remove the party of God label is has earned in the past number of years.

Dear denai,
Your comments only prove the old addage:

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove any doubt." (not an exact quote)

Read her book and find out the truths about politics.

Here are the first 6 definitions of "tea bag" from the Urban Dictionary:

1. Dipping your testicles into the open mouth of another person. Kind of like dipping a tea bag in and out of a cup of water. I caught the mail man tea bagging my mom. She gagged.

2. when a guy puts his balls in someones mouth. dude he just gave that guy a tea-bag

3. In multiplayer video games, the act of repeatedly crouching over the face of a fallen opponent, who is forced to watch his/her body being violated while waiting to respawn into the level. "You see me tea-bag that noob after I shot him in the back of the head? What a dumbass."

4. Similar to the Yokozuna, where one surprises a sleeping/intoxicated person by placing the scrotum on their forehead, and usually taking a photograph.

5. setting both testis into a persons mouth. 'Last night that i tea-bagged the sh** out of that bitch"

6. When an angry bartender dips his nuts into the pint of beer and then serves it to a non-tipping or obnoxious customer!

Ok. I left some definitions from the Urban Dictionary. I'm interested to see if you post that comment (there were no obscene words). If not, why was it alright to call this the "tea bag" party?

By the way, this movement was based on the Boston tea party and their unhappiness with their "rulers", which smart liberals such as yourself must know involved barrels of tea, not tea bags. "Tea bag" was the invention of liberals who think they are oh so clever.

There is so much more left to de-privatize than Palin suggest; the armed forces in particular -- can't private entities like blacwater keep us free? Under the veil of patriotism, they are in fact one of the biggest privatized government socialist institution. The police also -- should be de-privatized. Let's also de-privatize any road or airport construction, water-supply facilities, NASA, Radio America. We could also de-privatize the electoral system for the presidency, congress, and any elective office for that matter. Why not let private enterprise run these things rather than the government?

Jeff Clark,
Actually, the party started the "tea bagger" idea when in the early days of the movement some activists showed up with signs that stated things like: "Tea Bag Washington before they can Tea Bag us!"

Most definitely the "Tea Party" started calling themselves "Tea Baggers," pictures ran in newspapers across the country with now Tea Partiers wearing hats with tea bags hanging around the rim and holding signs proclaiming themselves as "Tea Baggers." Only later did they hear through the grapevine, what the term actually meant. Most are church going middle aged folk. Of course they don't read urban dictionary.

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