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President Obama official schedule and guidance, Feb. 3, 2010. Meets with Democratic senators.


EVISED: The correct in-town travel pool tomorrow is below:

In-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: FOX
Print: Regional Reporters
Radio: FOX
Travel Photo: TIME

Office of the Press Secretary
February 2, 2010


In the morning, the President and the Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This briefing is closed press.

The President will then deliver remarks and take questions from the Senate Democratic Policy Committee Issues Conference at the Newseum. The President's remarks and the question and answer session are pooled press.

After returning to the White House, the President will meet with senior advisors in the Oval Office and have lunch with the Vice President in the Private Dining Room. These meetings are closed press.

In the afternoon, the President and the Vice President will meet with a bipartisan group of Governors from across the country in the State Dining Room to discuss energy policy. There will be a pool spray at the top. Governors expected to attend the meeting include:
Governor Jim Douglas (R-VT) - Chair, National Governors Association
Governor Joe Manchin (D-WV) - Vice Chair, National Governors Association
Governor Steve Beshear (D-KY)
Governor Dave Freudenthal (D-WY)
Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) - Chair, Western Governors' Association; Chair, NGA Natural Resources Committee
Governor John Baldacci (D-ME)
Governor Phil Bredesen (D-TN)
Governor Christine Gregoire (D-WA)
Governor Bob Riley (R-AL) - Chair, Southern Governors Association
Governor Mike Rounds (R-SD)
Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH)

Later, the President and the Vice President will lead a Cabinet-level exercise in the Cabinet Room to discuss preparedness, crisis response and incident-management procedures for the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This meeting is closed press.

In-Town Travel Pool
Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: CNN
Print: Talking Points Memo
Radio: ABC
Travel Photo: New York Times


9:00AM Pool Call Time

9:15AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office
Closed Press

10:00AM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks and takes questions at the Senate Democratic Policy Committee Issues Conference
The Newseum
Pooled Press (Gather Time 9:35AM - North Doors of the Palm Room)

11:15AM THE PRESIDENT meets with senior advisors
Oval Office
Closed Press

Private Dining Room
Closed Press

2:00PM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT meet with bipartisan group of Governors to discuss energy policy
State Dining Room
Pool spray at the top (Gather Time 1:50PM - North Doors of the Palm Room)

4:00PM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT lead Cabinet-level exercise ahead of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
Cabinet Room
Closed Press

Briefing Schedule

1:00PM Daily Press Briefing



Obama this morning telling Dems they have to FINISH THE JOB and mocking the election of Scott Brown as any victory for Repubs. HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO TELL HIM THAT HE IS NOT LEADER OF THE DEMOCRATS HE IS POTUS and if 41% of WE THE PEOPLE don't want these radical changes it is time to LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. The Repubs are not the PARTY OF 'NO' ..they are the party that are listening to their constituents CRYING OUT."NO"...STOP THE SPENDING OF BORROWED MONEY FROM CHINA, STOP THE TAXING, STOP THE HEALTH CARE OVERHAUL...WE THE PEOPLE DON'T WANT YOUR RADICAL CHANGES. The Dems in office best quit listening to Obama and begin to get a feel what their constituents are also saying. I understand that Obama and the Dems thought they had a mandate. The far left read his books, heard his speeches and knew what he meant by FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA but the majority of Independents and Republicans, and blue dog Dems that gave him his overwhelming victory didn't know. Now they are awakening to what he said in his book "The Constitution is fundamentally flawed" and that "Fundamentally Changing America" may just mean he wants to change the Constitution. We now are paying attention to his seeking out Marxist, Communists, etc. as he said in his book, and we see him implementing Saul Alinsky tactics that he taught as a Professor. We see what his Community Organization was all about...and WE THE PEOPLE intend to continue to be THE PARTY OF 'NO' thru Tea Parties, thru Repubs, thru blue dog Dems, thru Independents..WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE OBSTRUCTIONISTS. At least Clinton grew a brain and led from the center. SO MR. PRESIDENT...'STOP THIS TRAIN WRECK'!

Good Morning, Mr. President!
Good Morning, America!
As I viewed today's "agenda" for President Obama,
I was not familiar with the first order of
business ..."9AM Pool Call Time." I do hope my
first thought was correct. That thought is as
follows: President Obama takes a "regularly
scheduled" morning swim! Certainly, I will joy
in any information that says, President Obama
takes "regularly-scheduled" time out to relax!
Kathleen Eason
Cape Cod, MA

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