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President Obama, Michelle go to Sasha's parent teacher conference. Pool report

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Pool report # 1
POTUS and FLOTUS go to parent-teacher conference

The President and the First Lady went on an unannounced trip to Sidwell Friends School, upper campus, where their daughter, Sasha, is a student. They arrived about 4:04, smiling as they walked into the school for a parent-teacher conference. Both were in dark overcoats. They stayed about 25 minutes before returning to the White House.

Your Pooler warns local pool recipients that while the traffic is not as bad as it was yesterday or last week, the snowstorm is still causing delays. Even in a presidential motorcade, traffic was troublesome. Be forewarned.
Motorcades otherwise uneventful. Well-wishers, including as cluster of excited teenagers outside the Friendship Heights Metro station, waved their arms and cheered. Motorists stuck in traffic, not so much.

TK: Schooling Part B, in which the POTUS, hosting teachers and students, talks to astronauts in space.

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