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Palin and Romney face off on Leno and Letterman


WASHINGTON--Jay Leno gets back the Tonight Show this week and hosts Sarah Palin on his Tuesday show--with the Monday debut featuring Vancouver Olympic greats. To counter, David Letterman on Tuesday booked Mitt Romney. I don't think it's much of a match: Palin will bring Leno more viewers than Romney. Don't take this as a prediction of who will be the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, but, rather, who people want to hear from next Tuesday. Ted Johnson, over at Variety's Wilshire and Washington blog notes how Leno and Letterman are booking political figures for their shows.


Perhaps not. Palin's appeal is waning. I will tune in to David.

I'll be fast asleep dreaming off ?

Letterman!!! Hands Down!

Simple, Sarah all the way

Will be watching Letterman, Romney!

Clearly the Chicago Way that gave us Obama will not be interested in Sarah. Well thanks for all the Hope and Change.

Check out the poll on who will be watching who on tuesday night

Romney;s book will sell about 100K copies if he;s lucky...Palin sold >3MM the biggest selling book in all of 2009...Any questions?

The thing about watching Sarah Palin is, like NASCAR, there is always the possibility of hideous crash. People watch her—doesn't mean they will vote for her.

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