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Obama, First Lady Michelle to travel to Indonesia, Australia in March

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White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said at Monday's briefing President Obama and First Lady Michelle "will be traveling to Indonesia and Australia in the second half of March." Obama spent part of his youth in Indonesia with his mother and step-father.

"This trip is an important part of the President's continued effort to broaden and strengthen the partnerships that are necessary to advance our security and prosperity. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country, the third largest democracy; is home to the largest Muslim population in the world; and an important partner in the G20," Gibbs said.

1 Comment

DearFirst Lady Michelle,

Thank you first of all for accepting Jesus The Christ as your Lord and Savior. This benefit will and has been most helpful regarding the naysayers and the truth haters. In the position that you hold; one must definitely be a helpmeet considering the tremendous task that our commander IN Chief has to endure and uphold. My prayer is that He continues to walk worthy of his calling and election. I had to comment on the beautiful flowers and photo of you in the themonochromatic blue gown. My prayers are with you all always. Continue to walk in your blessings.

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