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Obama, First Lady Michelle Ash Wednesday message


Office of the Press Secretary
February 17, 2010
Statement by the President on Ash Wednesday

Michelle and I join Christians here in America and around the world in observing Ash Wednesday. We mark this solemn day of repentance and promise, knowing that Lent is a time for millions to renew faith and also deepen a commitment to loving and serving one another.



Thank you Mr. President, it is good to hear you lead by example in your Christian Faith. May the Lord bless you more and more.
Jerry M.

I am so proud to have a president and first lady that first of all looks like me. Second, I feel blessed to read and see you two give us messages of hope, love, peace and adoration. Thirdly, I commend your strenght because I know it comes from God and HE has prepared you two for such a time as this; to lead His people into a new democracy with a style that only belongs to The Obama's. Lastly, I have prayed and asked God to protect your family, to give you more super-natural wisdom, a working congress that openly supports what this administration is working so hard to defend and birth.

God Bless Your Family is my sincere prayer!

Marilyn in Oklahoma City.

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