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NRSC chief Cornyn on Kirk victory in Illinois Senate primary


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U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), released the following statement in response to U.S. Representative Mark Kirk's (R-IL) victory in the Illinois Republican Senate primary:

"I congratulate Mark Kirk for his victory in the Illinois Republican Senate primary election. With Congressman Kirk as our nominee, the Republican Party has a real opportunity to pick up the President's former Senate seat in the blue state of Illinois.

"Voters in the Land of Lincoln are tired of the same failed politics of corruption and dishonesty, and they are searching for accountable, effective, ethical, and trustworthy leadership this November. As we approach the next nine months before Election Day, the clear contrast in this campaign could not be more apparent.

"Mark Kirk has a respected record of independent-minded leadership, ethical accountability, and bipartisan achievement in Congress. I know that he will work hard to restore the checks-and-balances and fiscal responsibility that Illinois families, seniors, veterans, and small business owners deserve in Washington. Congressman Kirk has served our nation honorably as a Commander in the United States Naval Reserves, and he will continue fighting to protect America as a United States Senator.

"In contrast, Mark Kirk's Democrat challenger, Alexi Giannoulias, is a product of the ethically-tainted political machine in Chicago that was run by disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich. As the state's first term Treasurer, Giannoulias has eagerly endorsed his party's out-of-control spending agenda in Washington, and he has failed to reject the Obama Administration's plans to detain and try terrorists on American soil.

"As we witnessed in Massachusetts last month, Republican, Independent, and Democrat voters are tired of the Democrats' failed tax-and-spend policies, and they are looking for real leaders who will represent their best interests in Washington. I look forward to serving with Mark Kirk in the United States Senate."


Without Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, I was still languishing in Bangladeshi prison! He is the ‘angel’ to me, who was sent by God to save my life from the grips of Islamists and anti-Semitic elements in Bangladesh.

Let me brief my readers that, on November 29, 2003 I was arrested at Zia International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh on my way to Tel Aviv [Israel] to attend a peace conference. The then government in Dhaka brought sedition, treason and blasphemy charges against me for criticizing rise of militant Islam, for writing articles on breeding Jihadists inside madrassas, for advocating inter-faith harmony and for opposing Holocaust denial.

According to Bangladeshi law, sedition bears capital punishment. I am still facing trial in a Bangladeshi court.

My Jewish brother, who lives in Chicago, Dr. Richard L Benkin first approached his senator, Barack Hussain Obama with appeal of doing anything in my defense. Obama made several empty promises to Dr. Benkin, but never took any initiative in either setting me out of the prison or even raising his voice against such injustice. But, when Dr. Benkin told the story of my sufferings to Congressman Mark Steven Kirk, he instantly decided to do everything in setting me out of prison. Rep. Mark Steven Kirk’s promise was not empty like that of Obama.

He [Mark Kirk] set appointment with Bangladeshi ambassador and demanded my immediate release. He and his congressional staffs as well my brother Dr. Richard Benkin, did not rest till they finally set me out of prison on April 30, 2005.

Even after my release from the prison, Mark Kirk did not stop his efforts in continuing his demand for dropping the false charge, Bangladesh’s Islamist coalition government brought against me. He initiated a Congressional Resolution [HR 64] in 2006, which was passed almost unanimously except a single vote by Rep. Ron Paul, who opposed to this resolution. The resolution was moved jointly by Congressman Mark Steven Kirk [Republican] and Congresswoman Nita Lowey [Democrat], thus making it very much a bi-partisan one. 402 members of United States Congress voted in favor of this resolution.

I can confidently say that Mark Steven Kirk is the champion defender of human rights and press freedom. He is a man of great integrity. And these are already proved to me, not once but on several occasions.

I supported Judge Don Lowery, and am disappointed to see that Kirk won. He is NOT a financially responsible Republican as as evidenced by his votes for Cap and Trade and the Tarp bailouts. Kirk is an Obama Democrat in sheep's clothing and a disgrace to the notions of political and financial conservatism.

Dave Hardin
Fairfax Virginia

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