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Michelle Obama anti-obesity website is live


First Lady Michelle Obama is leading "a national public awareness effort to tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity," says the presidential memo President Obama signed Tuesday morning. Her kick off event is at noon eastern time, but the web site associated with the drive is already live:


Bravo!!! Bravo First Lady Michelle Obama!!!

Dear Mrs Obama,
Fantastic effort!! Your program against obesity is of vital national security importance!
Please note: Corn sweetners MUST be removed from the food chain! As a retired farmer, I can tell you that corn that is meant for animal feed is used to make corn sweetners. The DNA in corn has been manipulated to put meat on animals. Logic dictates that the DNA makes it into the human food chain thru corn sweetners. REAL LIFE EXPERIMENT: One fine summer day, my farmer friend and I were examining my field of corn. The corn was at the "milk stage" of development. I told my friend I was going to eat some of this corn for supper. He said I should not because it is for livestock animals. After preparing the corn like conventional "sweet corn", I lightly buttered and lightly salted it and ate off the cob (only ate one ear of this corn-about twice the size of "sweet corn"). NO EXAGGERATION: After about an hour, I could feel my body expanding. I exclaimed, "Wow! This corn really is meant for livestock animals because I could feel the meat building up in my body!" There has to be common sense logic that the same corn used to build meat/fat on animals, is made into corn sweetners that we people consume in almost all of our foods and drinks! THERE IS NO SEPARATION PROCESS OF ANIMAL FEED CORN MADE INTO CORN SWEETNERS.
Lastly, yes discipline is necessary in the amounts and kinds of foods we consume, BUT we need assistance on a macro economic basis to insure that whatever we consume is not contaminated with ANIMAL FEED!
Like getting the lead out of gasoline, we MUST get corn sweetners out of the human food chain.

Is that really necessary? Shouldn't obesity fall under the category "common sense"? I mean we really can't depend on the government to educate us especially when they had the food pyramid wrong for a number of years and they are about 30 years too late in admonishing food manufacturers for misleading the public with their serving size info.

I Think obesity is a very important subject because it is not just about being over weight . The food that we trust is being poison from the lack of regulations.Also the sicknesses associated with bad food.Had the goverment not step in on cigarette smoking people would still be smoking in the delivery room.We all are living in a way that we dont stop an smell the roses and everyone knows it nso if they can make money and sell crap to the americans we buy it think about bottle water how crazy that is.anyway good luck god bless and hire more people to watch what is being alowed as fillers

Hi i am joe a chef'grower in pleasantvalley new york.As a father of 4 and a granddad of 3 and a single parent i had to teach myself how to stay healthy , so i stareed small and came what i am today .A hugh grower of stevia and now want our country to get behind this . joe call me at 845-635-9388

Hi I am cheryl single mother of six ,from the begining I raised my children as vegetarians not indulging in junk foods and junk snacks, can foods and absolutely no candy much, however I did introduce them to meat later on in life I now know that was a huge mistake seeing what's happening in society with the nutrition that is offered in schools,resturants,even in private homes. When our children are in school, going out to eat with friends, even if they grab a bite to eat at friends homes, we can't be sure of what they are eating because of the poor so called nutritional choices, again huge chance of our children making bad food choices and then we wonder where they get it from, it's everywhere. Our bodies are the only vehicle in which to get from point A to point B and right now we are PUTT PUTT PUTTING AROUND old gray pinto dirty windows smoke bursting out of the muffler and can barely make it up the hill. I did not initiate nor encourage this problem however I am willing and ready to help rectify in any suitable way posible.I am an Instructional Assistant in an Elementary School and when these children are teased because they are obese they become shy to grow shy to learn and ultimately acedemics is no longer the focus for being in school we need to continue to address this problem of childhood obesity. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to address you.

Let's move is a great platform to bring attention
to our youths' health. I believe a lot of
suburban communities are not safe enough for
children to walk or bike in their community. Their
are parks but often kids can't get to them without
their parents driving them there. All parks and
schools should have sidewalks and bike lanes to
get to them so kids can be active without waiting
for their parents to drive them there. Also
more bike and sidewalks to their schools would
also encourage students to move.

you are a law student and new mother and you just discovered about food, ugh, how could you be so dumb?

Dear Michelle Obama,
Kudos to you!!!! I am a retired school nurse and from 1987 to 2005 I watched children go from a normal size, physically fit to obese, and matter of fact, quite lazy. This was a concern of mine. The BMI's, frankly, didn't even stir the parents,actually most of them got upset that a letter would be sent to inform them that their child was overweight. I would hear comments to the tune of, oh that letter, I just threw it away, I get it every year. I felt that it was a waste of my time and effort. Not one parent even as much called me to inquire as to what they needed to do for their child to help him/her. So my theory was not to do the BMI unless there was a
plan in place to help the child once a determination was made that he/she had a weight issue.
I live in a small town in south Arkansas in which, the Goverment funds more than 90 percent of the children lunches at school. The lunches are full of starch. Pancakes for breakfast, french fries for lunch. After an inquiry with the lunchroom dietician, I found out that budgeting is an issue, as well as they throw out mounds of the good and nutritious food. It's one thing to leave everything up to the school because they eat the majority of the meals at school, but what about holding the parents accountable??? Isn't a parent choosing to ignore their child's weight issue a form of neglect??? After all not all of the children that are overweight, but a good majority, in this poor part of Arkansas, are on Medicaid. Now how can we regulate what a parent is spending the check on, is another story. Several years ago, it was told to me that many parents receiving food stamps for their child are selling the food stamps, so that the parents can buy DRUGS !!! Now, what do you think the children are fed at home for their night meal?? Right!! Nothing or junk food. It is these children, that I worried so much about during holiday breaks and the summertime. Frankly, I saw so much neglect that it became too much for me, and I retired. Many mothers in this area have children,in sort of a sick way, to make a living. They do not have any interest in their children,what-so-ever!!!!!! How can I back that statement up, easy, their children come to school on cold mornings with no jacket(school personal round up a jacket out of a "clothes closet", in which they ask for people to donate), when we ask the child about their morning they tell us that an older sister or brother gets them up. Mom was asleep !!! Mom nor Dad shows up for parent-teacher conference, in fact, most teachers never see the parent all year. These children never have any school supplies ( the teacher buys it or the PTO is summoned for help). These are the children who are failing in class and notes, after notes, are sent home for the parents to call or visit the teacher regarding this issue, no response at all. The school mandates that the school have a phone number in which the parent can be notified, phony phone numbers are given and always disconnected. These are the children that are sad all the time. These are the children that roam the streets, no one knows where they are and do not care. These are the children that has bomb-barded social services to the max.
I gave 100 percent for 18 years to help these children, and every year more and more of these children showed up in kindergarten. It exhausted me,

mentally and physically, and there are just more of these dead beat parents than there are faithful warriors for the children.
I think it is great to go to these foreign countries to help, but we have severe problems with our children here in the USA !!!! Please Government, figure out how we can use the medicaid, food stamp, and welfare system more
effiently to make parents more accountable for
their children !!!!! There is simply not enough foster homes to place children in, when a parent is finally found unfit, usually by that time the children have faced so much emotional damage that it is disheartening. Not all, but some of the foster homes, are not any better than what the children came from, some of the foster homes take the children for the money. When children bounce from one foster home to another they feel unwanted and again suffer from yet more emotional issues.
Mrs. Obama, I am so impressed that you have taken an interest in the children, lets take an interest in the WHOLE child! I think that the weight issue is such a problem, granted, but I would like to see a change in other aspects as well.

In WW II, nearly everyone I knew had a "Victory Garden". That was very intensive vegetable gardening. My relatives in Chicago and St. Louis made use of very limited yard space (some as small as 4x10 feet), flower pots and planters, cast off buckets and washtubs. We were fortunate in the Illinois Quad Cities to have a cleared field 1/4 mile from my house that nwas divided into 20x30 foot plots for each of the families of
R. I. ARsenal employees who lived in the Arsenal Courts to plant, tend, and harvest produce from their own family garden. Mom and Dad both worked,
but we found time to fill lots of Mason jars against the winter. In the LET'S MOVE effort go get as many fresh veggies to our children as we can, perhaps intensive gardening could be a valuable tool. I thought of this while watching Mrs. Obama's Interview with Mike Huckabee. May God Bless this entire program!

What had happen in this country is Karma, we had done the same to the native Indians. When we are to greedy we loose trait of every descent morales.

Obesity in our American children is a real concern. As a former first grade teacher, I would like to share what I arranged for my first graders. The first two weeks of the school year, my first graders and I went down to the lunch room. The room was noisy. No matter how many teachers were there to monitor, it was a chaotic time. The children were not trying foods but just dumping their trays into the waste can. I saw how wound up my first graders became and how they were affected the rest of the day. I decided for their well-being to take my first graders back to our classroom with their food trays. (My principal agreed to give this a try, pointing out that I would not have a break.)

We shut off the lights, talked in comfortable tones, and I put on classical music as a backdrop. We all were relaxing. Me too!

Each day we discussed the various foods on the tray and even if a child wanted to know what was the name of the classical music, that was discussed as well. Rule was that each food had to be tried, by just one tablespoon. Over the year the children became aware of the foods that provided protein, etc. I would hear the children say, "I just ate my protein for building muscles." "I just put calcium in my body for strong bones." Children that thought certain foods were "yukky" were eating these foods otherwise Johnny behind or in front of these children asked for their "yukky" foods for themselves. The power of suggestion. Etc. Etc.

On Fridays, we pushed four desks together, face to face. I had several table cloths from Goodwill, plastic flowers, & vases. We set our table groupings. We practiced manners. Our classroom was always open for parents and guests to drop-in. Parents were definitely invited on Fridays to come and have lunch with their child and other first graders.

I was very glad to give up my half hour "break" in the teachers lounge. My relaxing time was with my children. The children went out to recess and were not wound up when they came in into the classroom. They quickly settled into listening as I read them a story. The rest of the afternoon was very productive.

I believe the lunchroom should be abolished. I know teachers will not be pleased to read this concept, but having lunch in the elementary classrooms can be managed and great learning happens in many ways. The children need this guidance. It was more than my job, but a responsibility extended to me by these children's parents.

I am a owner of a Gold's Gym in the state of Washington and have raised two sons. Two things we need to look at.....First, our school systems need to go back to the traditional P.E.
classes. I am amazed at what is a "so called" P.E. class!
A walking class, in which they walk to the store
and buy donuts, sodas etc. etc...! What is that!?
Do you think this is teaching them physical fitness and nutrition!!! Guess what they cut first in the budget...sports and gym classes!!!
Instead of implementing classes on how to deal
with stress....let's go back to the basics! Secondly, we need to involve the health care system. If more health insurance companies would
provide gym memberships...there would be more
fit children and adults and less money spent on
ill health....from no exercise and poor nutrition! Insurance companies that do provide this benefit..have amazing results in people
going to the gym to exercising, whom simply couldn't afford otherwise! Just a thought!

I have 2 grandsons who are 6, and 9. They live across town from school, they are in school from 7:30Am to 3PM. They only get a 10 min break after lunch.They stuff their food in their mouths and shovel down the rest,being told to hurry and not talk. I get very nervous eating with them. Not a pleasant lunch. They need at least two breaks in the day, to clear their heads, talk with friends and excerise. They both are in Little League. It is too long a day for these upcoming citizens with only one break.Surely there is an extra 25 min in the day that could be used on breaks.

Thank you for a great program. Fast foods is a treat not a diet. My problem is I don't have a refrigerator thanks to HHgregg. I paid this company in full but, they sold me a lemon. I have been trying for months to stop this crime but, who can I turn to. What can I say, you have a great idea, but a refrigerator is need to make this work.

My First Lady Obama
You are doing a great job in bring our nation back to reality about how we can make our lives better,in the type of foods we put into our mouths. If they just thank of how our parents setup a garden in the early years of our lives with all types of good vegetables that was nutritious to our bodies. We must take control of our lives and do what's right to help keep our bodies healthy. We appreciate all that You as our Fist Lady and Our President is doing to help keep our country healthy. Keep up the good work and may God keep blessing you and your family.

Food is not the problem for obesity in children. It all started when the schools droped PE. When I was in school 40s to the 50s there were very few fat kids PE was required from 1st grade to 12th grade. My grandson Patrick was fat till he reached Middle school (I still prefer Jr. HIgh) when I talked him in to do a personal physical program by the time he graduated He had lost all of his fat and was in excellent physical condition.

The health initiatives must include recess for all children! At the same time Michelle is bringing nutritional needs to light in our schools, government is pushing children in the race to the top. As a result, kids are sitting all day in many schools. Many schools have all but elimainated recess in an effort to " protect learning time." I would like to see this addressed as part of the health initiative.

I am inspired by Mrs. Obama's initiative for our children. I am an elementary teacher. This next year, our k-5 students plan to create a new garden on our school grounds. I know I will be proud of our students and their commitment to this project. They have spent almost a year in its planning! I would like to extend an invitation to our first lady to visit.
After reading the other teachers testimonials in their experience with poverty and negligent parenting, it is very disheartening to know that Americans who have the good luck of being in this country can take such advantage of it. It is very very sad.

Dear First Lady Obama: I am a big fan of President Obama'a Administration. Here's my question for you? Are you aware that I have cured obesity, cancer and virtually all psychopathy on my website with my new uptake system and new uptake system equation 1,000,000/1 with nutritional equity? The only website address you will need to fix childhood obesity is mine . Question? If it took Burke2 aprox. 3 years to develop the new uptake system, And it took 5,000,000 researchers to research obesity, cancer and Psychopathy and Burke2 has now cured the aforementioned. What is his Problem solving IQ for the aforementioned problem compared to the body of research trying to cure the aforementioned by the standard IQ formula (#of People who have tried to solve the problem/ Time it takes to solve)= IQ for Problem. Answer: 5,000,000 Researchers/ 3.0 years= 1.6 million IQ on this problem. Remember this number when the research body tells you that my hypothesis is not accurate. Remember the people who have cured nothing for these diseases have an IQ of ZERO for the same problem. Listed below are two links directly to my website that outline my hypothesis on my cure for obesity, cancer and virtually all psychopathy- Your fan, Burke2 of /

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

I watched a video online today, in which you addressed the NAACP for their 101 Anniversity. I am always so impressed with how you speak from your heart and not from note cards. More than that, I was reminded by your speech of how my mother also insisted that I go outside and play. You are right. Children were not allowed to stay inside. It is sad that our experiences of playtime outside in the fresh air, for many reasons, are not those of the youth of today. I was born in 1956, and I grew up in Charleston, S.C., where as a child I played in the streets with all of the neighborhood children. We played 1 2 3 Red Light, Simon Says, Dodge Ball, Jacks, Marbles, skated with those metal skates that had a key to adjust the size, rolled old car tires down the street trying to keep it in a straight line, and I did a lot of skipping and jumping just out of the joy of being a child. My favorite thing to do was to run fast in an attempt to loose my shadow. Silly me. At night, when the mothers in the neighborhood would all allowed the children to stay outside and play within eye view, because it was too hot inside the house; I tried to count every single star in the sky. Those were the best of times. The women in our inner-city neighborhood on Jackson Street shared with each other their abundance, as well as sacrificed what little they had to help out a neighbor in need. My mother shared vegetables and fruits that we helped our family members in the country harvest and brought home to the city, with our next door neighbors. And even though we lived in the city; my mother had a back yard garden, and she raised chickens from which we got eggs to eat with our grits every morning. She also made lye soap and we got down on the floor and made quilts out of scraps of material, as a family obligation so that we could sweat under them...literally, on nights that the brown paper bags we teared into strips and placed in the cracks in the doors, failed to keep out the cold air. Women like my mother were resourceful women.

There was always a hot meal on the table for me after I walked home from school. I grew up on meals mainly comprised of of rice and beans, or leafy green vegetables like cabbage or collards and always rice. Lima beans and rice with a tiny piece of meat from a smoked neckbone, and I mean tiny, was my favorite meal. We ate okras and collard greens fresh out of the back yard. Chicken was consumed mainly on Sundays when Rev. Geathers came over after church for dinner. He got to choose the best parts of the chicken before we were allowed to even see the food. Even though I am older than you, thank you for taking me back to my roots. I so enjoyed hearing you speak.

I have been blesed by the lessons of being resourceful that I learned by watching my mother use her hands to create meals for her family. I believe our children will be blessed by your efforts and leadership as the First Lady of this country as well. We need not go hungry, even in these tough economic times, which by the way people seem to forget that your husband inherited and did not create. While many of us may not have yard space to plant our own gardens, we can grow tomatoes in a pot on the porch. God Bless you for launching the initative "Let's Move" and for caring so sincerely for the health and welfare of America's children and adults. For while you are certainly the most elegant woman I know, at the same time, you are as simplistic and All American as Apple Pie.

I too agree that we need to address obesity. However, I think you are going about it incorrrectly. Healthy foods have been available for years. I agree that you have to do more work today to find the best. However, as the saying goes you can get a horse to the trough but you can't make him drink. What I mean is the change needs to be driven by the parents. You will probaly find out that moost kids that are obese have obese parents. Throwing money we don't have at an issue that will not change unless you educate and change parents is a waste of money.

Please don't misunderstand my comments. Most of the issues we face to day can be traced back to the break down of the family unit as God had intended it to be.

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