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Michelle Obama kicks off "Let's Move" anti-childhood obesity drive



Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 9, 2010



Oval Office

9:16 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. I am so proud of the work that the First Lady, along with the Cabinet Secretaries behind me, have done in trying to tackle one of the most urgent health issues that we face in this country, and that is the increase of childhood obesity.

And because of the outstanding planning that they've done, they are going to be rolling out a terrific plan of action that involves the private sector as well as government agencies coordinating much more effectively a lot of public information out there to help parents make good decisions about allowing their children to be active and eating healthier.

And what the executive order I'm going to be signing today does is to create a 90-day plan that allows optimal coordination as we move forward, in addition to the coordination that we're doing with private sector companies and not-for-profits and other organizations out there that are interested in this issue.

So we think that this has enormous promise in improving the health of our children, in giving support to parents to make the kinds of healthy choices that oftentimes are very difficult in this kind of environment. And so I just want to say how proud I am of the First Lady for her outstanding work and I will now sign this order.

(The executive order is signed.)

There you go.

MRS. OBAMA: Nice job.

THE PRESIDENT: It's done, honey. Thanks. (Applause.)

MRS. OBAMA: Now we work.

THE PRESIDENT: Now they get to work. Thank you, guys.

END 9:19 A.M. EST

Pool Report from the Tribune's Christi Parsons.....

Oval Office, 9:15 a.m.

President Obama signed an executive order on childhood obesity this
morning, saying it would set in motion a 90-day plan that "provides
optimal coordination" among federal agencies to fight the epidemic.

"We think this has enormous promise," he said of First Lady Michelle
Obama's project to promote healthy eating habits and exercise. One of
its goals is to "help parents make healthy choices," he said.

Michelle Obama stood behind her husband with an arm draped over his
chair as he penned his signature, then patted him on the back and said
"Good job" when he was finished. Cabinet members Arne Duncan, Kathleen
Sebelius, Tom Vilsack and Ken Salazar were also on hand.


Obesity problem?? Simple to fix, just have the public school system start serving healthy food and get rid of the corrupt SEIU contracts with the mafia food vendors.

Hopefully this big-gov't "solution" sparks the types of "grassroots" solutions we really need to solve the obesity epidemic

I pray to Allah(God) that He will "Bless" the First Lady(Michelle Obama),President Obama and those that are working with the First Lady to try and do that which is Most certainly right and beneficial for all of the children in America. Allah U Akbar! As-Salaam Alaikum
(Peace Be Unto You)

I am the mother of an adult with a disablity who lives in independent housing. I was hoping we could determine a course of action which might have an out reach for getting this particular community to moving and eating right. The disability population has been so overlooked in any assisstance, guidance, teaching and encouraging good eating habits and the importance of excercise. A compaign focused on adults in this category would be such a gift. Is there a way we could include this population with their obesity problems? Thanks.

we mustn't have a little piggies running around they cannot serve the fuer properly we must impose our will on the the people.
national socialism will prevail

thats what this really says.
stop tyranny now stand up for your rights

1776 is the answer

The problem doesn't start or get resolved in the schools- it's resolved in the homes of the children. Not all the children in the public school systems are obese, so majority of the blame cannot be places on the schools (or mobs for that matter). The eating and exercize habits that children bring to the schools start and are taught by their parents in their own homes, and the "problem" (for chuck's sake) wont go away until all parents actually start giving a rip about their childrens well-being enough to send them to school in the "right" state of mind.

So parents need to take responsibility for thier OWN failure to instill healthy habits, and not push the blame onto an institution which cannot be accountable for what you allow your child to eat at home.

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