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Lisa Madigan calls for Scott Lee Cohen to step down as Illinois lt. governor nominee


Below, from Lisa Madigan....

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

"Scott Lee Cohen Should Step Aside Immediately"

Scott Lee Cohen should step aside immediately. It is clear that he is unfit to hold public office. The fact that he thinks he's "done nothing wrong" just proves that. His ex-wife and court and police records confirm that he has a recent history of violence against women. His alleged failure to pay child support and his admitted use of steroids are just a few other examples of his complete lack of judgment. This conduct is inappropriate for a public official, and his extreme character flaws are an insult to the people of Illinois.


26% of the voters elected Mr. Cohen as their nominee for Lt. Gov.
I cannot fathom that the IL Democratic leaders are trying to change a fair election.
This is a slippery slope. It's frightening.

Sounds like another dirty set up by the demacrooks to oust one out and put on of their own in without the vote of the people. Starting to sound like communist.

What's up with the great party of inclusion? I think Cohen would be a lot of fun to see and read about for four years if they get elected. Leave it be, O ye great anointed insider ones of the Illinois Democratic Party. This guy is a wild card and if Quinn keels over, he'll get the nod for Governor. He has any problems with Madigan, he'll call a couple of his boys to have a talk with him or he'll pop some juice and take care of it himself. What hypocrites! This might be fun. I might even vote for them.

I am all for people making redemption, changing, etc... and certainly, getting off steroids has probably changed MR. Cohn tremendously. However, it was devious to get elected with this kind of political fodder in his bag. If he wants to help the people of Illinois, he knows what to do -- resign, so we do not end up with another Republican fighting Obama at every move. I was just thinking Quinn was finally out of Blago's shadow, and here is another... Please, Mr. Cohn, spend more time on your redemption and then run again. You may have to spend 2 million to learn the lesson. So what? You got it. Resign, then stay in the public eye. You are young and people are forgiving. God bless.

Cohen won. Get over your crooked-a$$ selves. Lisa Madigan & Quinn are unfit to judge anyone. I've been a Democrat for years- but now I'm having reservations.

I like you a lot Lisa but you cant be selective with who you choose to ask to step aside. Alexi has a history which has cost the taxpayers money (i.e. Bright Start) and it appears that the Broadway Bank fiasco will cost the taxpayers money also, yet no one is asking him to step aside. In fact, rumors are that your father had Meister run to insure a Giannoulias victory.

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