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Illinois Republicans cranked up: Battle cry, "Illinois Is Next"


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CHICAGO--Illinois Republicans, giddy about their 2010 prospects to grab the Senate and governor seats from Democrats are holding a unity breakfast here underscored by the slogan "Illinois Is Next," a reference to GOP wins in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey.

"Welcome to the most important race of 2010 in the United States of America," said GOP Senate nominee, Rep. Mark Steven Kirk (R-Ill.) who waltzed through an easy primary victory. Kirk will face a bruising Senate fight with the Democratic Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias, the state treasurer, who prevailed in a three-way battle.

Illinois right now is in Democratic control--governor, both senators, the Illinois General Assembly--and breaking one party rule will be a Kirk theme. "One party in Illinois should not have all the power," Kirk said.

Picking up where David Hoffman, Giannoulias main rival left off, Kirk attack Giannoulias for his ties to the family owned troubled Broadway Bank in Chicago and his management of the Bright Star college savings program.

Looking over a crowded ballroom at the Union League Club here, Pat Brady, the chairman of the Republican Party of Illinois said, "The Republican Party is alive and well in Illinois."

He added, "Yes we will, we will win back the Barack Obama Senate seat."Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the chair of the Republican Governors Association and the former chair of the Republican National Committee.

"We're in for a big year in Illinois if we work together," Barbour said.

The GOP ticket in Illinois is not finalized yet. The governor primary is a photo finish between two state senators, Kirk Dillard and PatBill Brady. Brady and Dillard were both at the head table at the unity event.

The Democrats did not have any unity events planned. The Democrat governor primary also ended up almost in a tie. Gov. Pat Quinn declared himself the victor, but Comptroller Dan Hynes has yet to concede.


Illinois is next! And many other states, too. California, Florida, and New York are all next, too! Brady and Kirk will retake Illinois!

By the way, the Gubernatorial candidate is Bill Brady, not Pat Brady.

Lynn, if Republicans are so excited by these candidates, why did so few Republicans turn out to vote yesterday?

Add up the numbers and see who actually turned out and who just talks about turning out.


The GOP state senator that's still in the hunt is Bill Brady, not Pat Brady. Pat Brady (no relation to Bill), is the Illinois GOP Chairman.

LT ..... The dems turned out because the machine precinct captains MADE them get out and vote. That's how they keep their jobs in Chicago. If it wasn't for strong arming city workers to vote the turnout would have been minimal for dems also.

LT: the numbers that voted in the gubernatorial and senatorial races were slightly lower for Republicans than they were for Democrats but, not significantly lower. Cook County votes accounted for a large amount of the Democratic totals. Keep in mind that the major Chicago channels typically highlighted the Democratic races far more than the Republican. Also, this state has been solidly Democratic in every way for the past eight years. Sometimes even prisoners don't realize that they are free when the gate opens to the outside. I think participation in the fall election will be much greater for Republicans. Mark Kirk had the senatorial election sewed up and none of the gubernatorial candidates got airtime on the Chicago stations that amounted to anything in comparison to the Dems.. I think most Republican voters did not have a clear perception of all of the gubernatorial candidates, and there were a lot of them. Don't be fooled by a low turnout for the Reps., the suburban and downstate machines don't work quite as well as the one in Chicago.

As soon as Illinois is next to fashion a law similar to Arizona's SB-1070, I'll volunteer to work for this organization!!! Don't vote party lines people, vote ISSUES!!!

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