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Illinois Primary Tuesday. Sun-Times Election Guide

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Here are the Chicago Sun-Times links to our packages for the Feb. 2 primary elections.

Main election page is here.

Chicago Sun-Times endorsements are here.

Candidates filled out questionnaires for the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board. Read them here.

See video clips from the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board interviews, debates and other events here.

Read Chicago Sun-Times profiles of major candidates for Cook County Board president, U.S. Senate and governor here.

Check out the ratings on judicial candidates here.

Read Chicago Sun-Times news stories about the 2010 primary candidates and issues here.

Check out photo galleries of candidates and debates here.

1 Comment

OMFG! - How can people similar to Bernie Bicoy - who is a twice convicted child sex offender get bail?

This punk impersonated himself as a attorney and business investor consultant to win trust of kids. Out of all people, the system releases him home?

It's sad but the neighborhoods of Lake Forest are now dangerous. Is it possible to appeal?

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