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Giannoulias challenging Mark Kirk, John McCain on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"


Below, from Giannoulias campaign.....


Meister, IL Iraq War Veteran to Challenge Kirk and McCain on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" TOMORROW
Pair to commend Giannoulias' leadership in calling for DADT repeal

In advance of a closed-door fundraiser with Senator John McCain and Congressman Mark Kirk tomorrow, former United States Senate candidate Jacob Meister and IL Iraq War veteran Trevor Montgomery will participate in a conference call at 9:15 AM to challenge Kirk and McCain on why they believe "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should not be repealed.

WHAT: Conference Call
WHO: Former U.S. Senate candidate Jacob Meister
Iraq War veteran Trevor Montgomery
TIME: 9:15 AM, Friday, February 12


Why is Giannoulias there? What experience is he going to bring to the table?? What personal knowlege does he have on this subject??? He should stick with the subject of Bank failures.

He's go to talk about something, after all the smartest politician in Illinois after Dick Durbin won't want to talk at length about Broadway Bank, because when that comes up in the campaign he just won't answer.

Giannoulias can hang it up before we go to the general election. The GOP war machine is extremely well-oiled. Giannoulias doesn't have a chance with non-Chicago voters. Not a chance. As soon as the GOP lets the entire state know that Alexi worked at a failed bank, there will be no possible way he will recover from that.

He's toast. The Dems have no capability of framing issues. The GOP does. Besides, Mr. G. is an actual bankster anyway. He got the nomination for the sole reason that Chicago voters didn't give a d*mn about the primary and let this criminal slip right thru their voting fingers.

Chicago voters are the reason why Mark Kirk will become our next Senator. And you know what that means. It means Fox News will report his election as a 'referendum on Obama'.

This is what the Dems brought on themselves.

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