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Secret Service finds third crasher at White House state dinner

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WASHINGTON--How did a third person crash the Obama White House Nov. 24 state dinner for the Prime Minister of India? Read my report here to find out--and why the Secret Service decided to go public with its discovery of the third intruder. The State Department goofed on this one.

Below, from Secret Service.....



(Washington, D.C.) - The Secret Service's investigation into the security events surrounding the Indian State Dinner on November 24, 2009, has revealed that a third individual, who was not on the White House guest list, entered the State Dinner.

It appears at this point that the subject traveled from a local hotel, where the official Indian delegation was staying, and arrived at the dinner with the group, which was under the responsibility of the Department of State. This individual went through all required security measures along with the rest of the official delegation at the hotel, and boarded a bus/van with the delegation guests en route to the White House.

At present, there is nothing to indicate that this individual went through the receiving line or had contact with the President or first lady.

Unlike the rest of the members of the official delegation, this individual was not entered into the WAVES system.

Procedural changes have already been implemented to address foreign delegations under the responsibility of Department of State who are entering facilities secured by the Secret Service.

As the investigation is both a review of the security for the State Dinner and an ongoing criminal investigation, the Secret Service is not commenting further at this time.

Additional inquiries should be referred to the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia.


1 Comment

There need to be a restructing of the Secret Service.Why?because no other President had their party crashed. Why was this allowed. Our President needs some sincere people who will have his back.They're too slack.Or do they have a hidden agenda?He need to get some people have a loyalty to Him and this Country.Don't be fooled.There are some of us who know whats gooing on.They can do all they want to try and make President Obama look bad, but it won't work, cause GOD is with him.Try as they may,they will only make themselves look like a fool.GOD has his back if noone else do.

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