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Obama plays basketball with Malia, Sasha


WASHINGTON--President Obama--a basketball player and fan since his boyhood days in Hawaii--on Sunday took daughters Malia and Sasha to a gym to shoot some hoops.

Ths morning visit to the Department of Interior gym came a day after the president attended Sasha's basketball game Saturday at the Jane Lawton Community Center in Chevy Chase. Md., just outside of Washington.

On Sunday Obama left the White House with his daughters at 10:31 a.m. for the three minute drive to the gym. With them were Reggie Love, Obama's personal assistant and a frequent hoops companion and trip director Marvin Nicholson, also part of the inner circle of staffers who golf and shoot hoops with the president.

According to the pool report, First Lady Michelle Obama was not with them.

The group left the gym to return to the White House at noon.


Come on Lynn, why don't you print what color socks the President wears each day...enough is enough!!! Let the man enjoy time with his family alone.

hi dearest
It good to have malia as a very good friend and a sister,alway pray for the betterment of our nation nigeria so that government will undersatand that people are strongling to survivein life


WOW! Must have been a very slow news day...

You mean they didn't take Scott Brown with them? I thought he had one of the spare rooms all set up at the WH to hear HIM tell it....rofl

WOW! amazing President Obama plays basketball! THanks for sharing this wonderful post about President Obama plays basketball with Malia, Sasha! Keep posting!:)

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