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Obama family attends church Sunday: fourth time in Washington in year. Pool report


Pool report......

Pool departed White House at 10:40 a.m., headed north up 13th Street to Vermont Avenue Baptist Church (right off Thomas Circle).

Pool sat in back of church as POTUS, FLOTUS, Sasha, Malia arrived through a side door at the front of the church.

Choir singing as service begins.

Will file another report after service.

FYI: The church's website says that the church was founded in 1866 by seven freed slaves. It was originally called the Fifth Baptist Church of Washington, DC.

Kevin Chappell
Senior Editor
Ebony Magazine


Saw the President's remarks today and found them interesting and thoughtful.

Just wondering if the number of times previous Presidents attended worship service during their tenure as President was reported?

Worship is a very personal matter::Who's business is it when or where they attend church!!Sometimes a sleep in is good!!

With all due respect to MLK, this was another photo op by the White House.

Four times in a year to visit any church, And this was the weekend that was reserved to show respect for MLK.

Yes, he showed his respect BUT not to GOD.

Sort of reminds one of the Good Church Goers, they go at Easter and Christmas.

I wonder if he has a prayer rug any place in the White House??

Obama doesn't like to be in church. It makes him squirm like when you throw holy water on a possessed person.

Christian believes are an inner developement besides the known standards of going to church, attending babtism, weddings in church and following up with a funeral with the demand of Christs presence!
We have many congregations to observe in America and a president and his family would be glad to have the privacy to be private in their believes without show-biz-church goers!

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