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Miep Gies dies; helped hide Anne Frank and her family "because it was the right thing to do."



"The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum mourns the passing of Miep Gies who at great risk helped hide Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust, at a time when very few people protected their Jewish friends and neighbors from persecution and deportation. Miep Gies was one of the rare exceptions, and her courageous actions serve as an inspiration for all of us today and remind us of the need to stand up to hatred and injustice. After the war she devoted herself to preserving the memory of Anne Frank and the Holocaust. She frequently said that she risked her own safety to save the Frank family simply because it was the right thing to do. Her actions serve as an example for all of humanity."



It's because of Miep Gies that we all know Anne Frank. For many of us, it was our introduction to the Holocaust. By which we're introduced to evil, and at the same time see the kindness that still surrounded (too few) of our Jewish friends. R.I.P. dear Miep and thank you for ensuring the diary was there for her loving father to share with the world.

this women is a hero imo

To me I have always been fasinated by history.So when I was in 6th grade I looked into the Holocaust. One day when I reading about how they treated the Jews I saw the name Anne Frank. So I asked my teacher about Anne and she told me that Anne had a diary that she wrote in when she was in hiding. Also that they made a movie about her. So I watched the movie even the Black and white version. So this year I plan to read her diary. And what I really mean to say here is that Miep Gies put her life on the line when she helped hide Anne and the others. I think that would have done the same thing.

She was the true definition of heroism, a true shining star, god rest her soul.

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