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Michelle Obama turns 46 on Sunday


michelle obama birthday.jpg(White House photo) Michelle Obama staff celebrates her Sunday 46th birthday on Friday.


I am so pleased with Mrs Obama. She represents our gender with dignity, leads our youth with sensitivity and is a Mother, completely. She doesn't dissolve into the background, shying away from issues. Our First Lady rocks!

A very Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama and a heartfelt wish for many, many more!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to First Lady Michelle Obama!! She and I share a birthday.

She looks 76! Poor woman! That's what happens when you marry a muslim!

GOD, not allah, bless America!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Obama. I am so proud of you and hopefully one day I will get the chance to meet you. That's my dream. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family.

happy B-day Maam.God Bless You!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle,

January 17, 1964 is also my birtday. We both have two daughters with similarities in their names. My oldest daughter is 16, her name is Marjani. Your oldest daughter's name is Malia. My youngest daughter is 11, her name is Ahshah, and your baby's name is Sasha (she is an absolute baby doll!) Don't know how neat this similarity is, but we are both lawyers.

Like you, I believe Earth Wind and Fire is greatest band in the land. When they were invited to the White House to entertain, I said, "I know that's right."

I had a wonderful birthday--spent with my husband and daughter's. I know that you understand, especially considering the recent catastrophe in Haiti, that having your family with you, is the greatest gift of all.

Hope you had a joyous day.

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