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Michelle Obama on Sarah Palin


WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama, in a session with seven reporters on Wednesday, reflecting on her first year and looking ahead to 2010, was asked near the end of the hour, "just what do you make of Sarah Palin?"

Replied Mrs. Obama, "You know, I don't know her. And what I've learned in this arena is that unless I've had a chance to have a conversation with somebody and get to know them, I have no idea who she is. I didn't read her book. I've met her once. So, you know, I don't know who she is, and I wouldn't even begin to comment on somebody that I haven't had a reaction -- an interaction with."


The First Lady has too much class to say what she really thinks.

Spoken with true grace, as one would expect from the First Lady.

What grace and tact the first lady shows. Wonder how Sarah would have answered that question. Actually no one is allowed to ask Sarah questions (except for Fake News and selected right-wing outlets). The facebook coward has not the experience or guts to face SEVEN reporters.

Good answer. They were obviously looking for a soundbite to play over and over and build contraversy. Michelle Obama is one smart cookie. You'll have to do better than that.

Great advice, from Mrs Obama to consider when hearing all the commentary on the new book, "Game Change". The authors reported total hearsay about Palin, from people who had it out for her before the election was even over, and did not even interview her. I do not believe that is credible reporting, or authorship, and should be questioned and not taken at face value.

So gracious but I think if the question was given to Sarah she would not be so gracious

Classy lady!

Wow, she's even less able to commit an answer than her husband!

Class? the first lady is cluless and classless!!!

By ericmiami :The First Lady has too much class to say what she really thinks

She is class-less. She only started liking her Country when her husband was about to collect the Presidency.

By arias002: on January 14, 2010 7:37 PM
So gracious but I think if the question was given to Sarah she would not be so gracious

Whatever arias002! Governor Palin went on TheOprah and invited Levi for Thanksgiving. Why would she not be as gracious to Mrs. Obama? Gov. Palin understands liberals and their backward ideals, but she doesnt take pot shots at the person. I'm sure that the Obama's are very nice people. They just know so much that isnt so. And they are very radical thinkers.

And on another note, you should show her the respect of addressing her properly. "Sarah", what, you neighbors?

Those of you on this comment board that think Sarah Palin would be anything less than gracious to the first lady, also don't know who Sarah Palin is... Just ask Alec Baldwin.

You apply negative comments to somebody you don't understand, without her even saying anything. That's what you call, being judgmental.

Palin-haters are the one's that lack grace.

In case you Kool-Aid drinkers hadn't noticed, your constant swipes at Sarah aren't helping Obama's poll numbers. America is rejecting him, slowly but surely.

First Lady Michelle Obama exemplifies grace under fire. Possessing grace is a wonderful thing. Ex-governor Sarah Palin is graceless even when small social graces are expected of political wannabes. As Sarah stated in her rambling, graceless resignation 'speech' as Governor of Alaska, she did not need a title to 'progress Alaska and this great nation.' Enough said. Thank God for grace.

There is no reason whatsoever to believe that Sarah Palin would not have been equally gracious if she were asked a similar question.

You should expect response like that from Michelle Obama. She is a lawyer! In interact with group of elite lawyers and they are like in a military: with code of silence. You can find like these types of persons in Secret Society, the CODE OF SILENCE. So this means, Michelle Obama is not that gracious, she just that she belongs to a society that practice code of silence or just pretending to know nothing just to avoid some complex issues. You guys must know how the read and analyze words between the lines. You must learn how to think and conclude outside of the box. That is how I judge people with great common sense, thinking outside of the box. Sometimes elite intellectuals miss thinking outside of the box and that is why they cannot be called smart persons with great common sense.

Wow, what rude comments from some. I am not an Obama supporter at all, but I can recognize the gracious response from Mrs. Obama. Too bad these democrats cannot recognize the graciousness of Gov. Palin. She has always shown grace and courtesy in all things. Why would she be any different if asked about Mrs. Obama. I do not dislike Mrs. Obama, I hate her husband's ideology. Which is likely her own. I can disagree with a person's political preference without being nasty about the person. Too bad it seems that democrats, and some republicans, cannot show the same class.

Yep, keep the two sides fighting with one another over something meaningless. Distort information, withhold information, and flat out lie whenever possible. The two (only choices) parties have pretty much divided the country with the media's help. Lynn puts items like this on the blog to get a reaction. It looks like it worked. Who cares what the two of them think about one another.

Interesting to note how the conversation goes downhill when the Obama haters get onboard. My mother used to tell me that "If I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything". While Michelle Obama displayed significant grace, it seems sadly lacking elsewhere.


Michelle was gracious in her reply. Why should she be combative? She is a lawyer and knows lawyer speak. With the huge team of "people groomers" she always looks like she just came out of the box. Sarah Palin always looks natural and comfortable to be around. That is the difference between an elite phony and a real person!

Ron said, "That is the difference between an elite phony and a real person!"
The reality is that you do not know either person. You are not in a position to deem whether someone is "phony" or "real" when you don't know who they are. Sigh.

All that high up education and she used the words "YOU KNOW" 55 times during her interview with Huckabee. This interview was so contrived. She's not very articulate for all that college education.

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