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Meister quitting Illinois Senate race; will back Giannoulias


BY ABDON M. PALLASCH Political Reporter

Attorney Jacob Meister will pull out of the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate Sunday and throw his support to State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, Meister said tonight.

"Alexi is well ahead in the polls,'' Meister said. "He's going be our party's nominee and I think we need to come together around him.''

At recent debates Meister frequently tore into challenger David Hoffman but had few cross words for Giannoulias.

But Meister called "preposterous'' the suggestion that he was a Giannoulias pinch-hitter from the start.

"The suggestion that I was in any way recruited or in cahoots with Alexi or anyone in his camp is ridiculous,'' Meister said.

The only openly gay candidate in the race, Meister said he is satisfied that Giannoulias is committed to the causes Meister supports. The fact that Hoffman clerked for former conservative U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist concerns Meister, even though Hoffman espouses all the same positions in favor of gay marriage, for example, that Giannoulias does.

Hoffman is the former city of Chicago Inspector general. Urban League President Cheryle Jackson and Dr. Robert Marshall remain in the race.


Meister is and always was a non issue. If Alexi is smart he wont have
"Meister the Mess" campaign for him.

And the truth is if Giannoulias becomes the Democratic parties nominee the party will NOT unite and will result in a Kirk win in the fall. Too many Dems, like me, will NOT support Alexi.

Alexi failed at Broadway Bank as the Chief Loan Officer

Alexi failed at Broadway Bank as Vice President

Alexi failed as Illinois Treasurer with regard to the Bright Start Program

And Miester throws his support to Alexi knowing all of the above? The elevator goes up, but the lights dont go on!

If any of the many political consultants Jacob Meister hired had a shred of decency they would have told him from the start that he had no chance. But instead they fleece him of his money and let him made a fool of himself. He then compounded the problem by going on a crusade against anyone who didn't treat him like a front-runner, culminating in his ridiculous lawsuit against WTTW.

And now this -- to "drop out" of the race three days before the primary. What does that even mean when he is still on the ballot? And to give his reason as the fact that Alexi is going to win anyway?? He can't even bother to pretend that it is over some policy difference?

I think the real reason he is doing this is so after his single-digit showing on Tuesday he will have a reason to continue to delude himself that he was ever really in this race.

Meister was the first openly gay Senate candidate in Illinois history. Giannoulias has been a strong supporter of LGBT rights throughout the campaign, and Meister's decision to support him was not unrelated.

I don't think its any great surprise that Meister has quit. His support has always been low.

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