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Kirk, GOP Illinois Senate front-runner, refusing Thursday debate on ABC7


Illinos GOP Senate hopeful Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) the front-runner, is refusing to debate his rivals in the Feb. 2 primary at Thursday's debate sponsored by ABC7 All the Democratic front runners showed up for their debate on Tuesday. When Kirk first ran for the House in 2000--with 11 contenders in the primary field, and he was not a front-runner--he joined in numerous debates.


I understand ABC7 asked Andy Martin to be at the "debate." Channel 7 and any legitimate candidate who appears on the stage with Martin should be ashamed for giving that man any semblance of legitimacy.

I agree that Andy Martin is a buffoon and a waste of air time. Mark Kirk proving us all right would not have been a waste of time. It would have been a service to the people and his own candidacy. I just feel that it is foolish and arrogant to blow off the network affiliate for the district he plans on running. Very weak position for Mr. Kirk to take if you ask me.

I'd have more respect for Kirk if he went and blasted Martin.

It really is insane to expect legitimate candidates to engage in a robust debate over the issues when someone like Andy Martin is allowed to even be present on stage with them.

Martin unstable acts against society (attacking news crews, 100's of frivolous lawsuits, slum lord and slanderous comments)should have been an indication to ABC7, along with the fact he is no longer a legitimate Republican Candidate per the IL GOP, not to let him near the debates.

It is a sad day in politics and television!

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