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Hoffman, Giannoulias duel over "Bright Start" as Democratic Senate primary heats up



The democratic candidates for the senate should stop bad mouthing each other. the more they do it the greater the chances of the Republican candidate being elected.


It's not about candidates bad mouthing each other. Their Republican oppo will do that too. So who do you want as Senator?

Giannoulias -- a mobbed up 33 year old who helped run his dad's bank (Broadway) into the ground, who lost over 50 percent of Bright STart funds, then took "credit" for "saving" money?

Of course Kirk will use that against him. As he should.

And that would be bad, why Sabagan? This state is a mess. We haven't been getting the return on our Federal taxes that we should have for years. Although with President Obama's connection to the state, we did get a larger portion of stimulus money than we might have gotten. The pendulum is starting to swing back to the center, again. Neither one of the Democratic candidates are sufficiently talented enough to serve the state effectively. But, they would be a lock for following Democratic party line voting in D.C.. If that's your only requirement, vote for one of them.

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